Obama’s Osama 3 Pt Bounce–Cost Taxpayers about $50 Million per Point

Ever since the President announced that we killed Bin Laden, the President has been on a “Non Football Spiking” PR blitz traveling all over, including Ground Zero, telling us and the world how “I-Me-My” was able to single-handedly find OBL, fly a helicopter in, and personally assassinate this feared terrorist hiding behind 3 or so wives.  The fuel alone for AF-1 had to cost $150,000,000 plus staff, secret service, and Obama the Great T-Shirts.

For someone who scolded us about our wanting to see the actual pictures of the bullet hole in OBL’s forehead as being to much like spiking the football, his prancing around the countryside and puffing out his chest certainly is not much of a counterexample.  His lack of humility in this charade is astounding and his duplicity is even beyond the pale for a progressive ideologue. 

  • How can he still be investigating the very CIA agents who made his prancing around possible?
  • How can he still be looking for a chicken’s way out of closing Guantanamo after the worth of that facility has now been demonstrated?
  • How can he continue to disallow rendition as a method of holding enemy combatants in detention centers outside of the US where enhanced interrogation techniques were effectively executed?
  • How can he limit our interrogation techniques to “milk and cookies” rather than expand the potential tactics that could be used against a terrorist and thereby keep the captured terrorist guessing about what could happen to them next.  Now all they have to fear is getting air sick on their way to a country club atmosphere in Cuba.

Were is the media in all of this.  Sorry, had a momentary mental lapse!  The offshoot of his boisterous escapades after the execution of OBL is a dramatic uptick in threats here at home and a destabilization of Afghanistan.  The very thing he tried to lay at our feet for wanting to see pictures.  Personally I don’t really care to see pictures of a dead OBL.  We have all seen worse on any of the CSI or Criminal Mind episodes!  It is the abject hypocrisy of this President that sickens many of us that he would poke a stick in the eye of our enemy while denying the true heroes of this victory and giving credit where credit is due.  But then, we are talking about a Chicago Community Organizer-Politician.  Class and style are really not part of that moniker .

RD Pierini



One thought on “Obama’s Osama 3 Pt Bounce–Cost Taxpayers about $50 Million per Point”

  1. You notice how Libya, the economy, gas prices and the miserable unemployment numbers are now totally off the radar. Can’t have any bad news taint the image of Obama the Great!

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