Are these Guys (Obama and Co) for Real? This is Embarassing

I have been in business my whole life, from Fortune 100 to small businesses, and the private sector, and most Presidential Administrations, are pretty top down in terms of leadership, message, and culture.  This bunch of bananas (Obama’s Bananas) are a very dangerous joke. 

  • If there was a 25 minute video blackout during the actual raid, then what the hell were those dummies watching in the “situation room”?  My guess is that they were at JR’s Bar and Grill down by Dupont watching re-runs of the NCAA playoffs from 2002. 
  • Then, did they shoot Bin Laden before or after he did or did not resist capture? 
  • How can an operation of this magnitude have a video blackout during the prime time event?  99.9999999% of all black ops of this sort are in fact video taped by the operators even if it is only captured initially on the operator’s camera. 
  • How come Biden knew, and actually remembered, or not, that the Navy Seals were the actual operators when Carney, and the rest of Obama’s crack staff danced around the issue.  Why?
  • Why on earth did we perform any religious ceremony for this guy let alone tout it as something wonderful that we did, like it negated the fact that we blew his brains out?  Do you think “Tafik the Bomber” is going to say, “Oh, those Americans are so kind and wonderful,  They blew his head off but gave him a proper Muslim burial”.  Which we actually botched as well.  Fish tartar on a plank would have been sufficient.
  • I gotta say, the one thing that I just cannot believe is that Joe Biden and Senator Patrick “Depends” Leahy kept their mouths shut for months.  This is simply not possible.
  • Obama seems totally perplexed.  He does not know whether to do a ghetto street slide and so, “Yo, got him good” or be solemn and respectful.  So, Obama took the high ground and gave himself all of the credit!
  • I find it amazing that Hannity and others are amazed that the left won’t give Bush any credit or admit they were wrong about waterboarding, or the outright murder of a non US citizen in a foreign sovereign nation.  Sean, it is the left.  Democrat waterboarding, democrat rendition, democrat murder, democrat whatever are necessary tools to combat the excesses of the right.  Didn’t you know that!  That is the justification.
  • Bush does not seek nor deserve any credit for anything.  Bush ran for the office of president, won, and did everything in his power to keep this country safe after 9-11.  That was his job, he knows that and is comfortable with it.  Right and Luke Warm Right, get over it.
  • For those conservatives who doubt that we really killed Bin Laden, take heart and know that Senator Scott Brown, the Mass Rhino, said he saw the picture and he knows it was Bin laden and that he was dead.  After all, it was a still photo!
  • Leon Panetta, a neighbor of mine, kind of, is one of the funniest actors in the tragedy.  Leon probably is the only one in the administration who did his job.  But, now, when he tries to tell how he did it, the WH is trying to shut him up.  After all, we don’t torture.  Leon should change his name to Leon Piñata ! As in the Donkey paper mache figure filled with Mexican candy and the kids, Obama’s crack team, tries to hit Leon with a stick so the candy falls out!  Obama shut him up once before last year as did Clinton when Leon was chief of staff.  They don’t get that Leon, is a progressive ideologue, but one with honor, integrity, and patriotism.  You may not agree with Leon’s politics, but you cannot question his heart.  He lives his beliefs which is refreshing in the administration.
  • The most distressing and distasteful thing about this whole affair is the lack of Presidential leadership in delivering the message and sticking to it. 
  • The second most sickening aspect of the affair is Obama’s use of the word “I” and “me” so many times during the Monday self aggrandisement speech.  It was delivered with the same style, grace, and presidential aura of an erectile dysfunction commercial.

I guess the only other thing that haunts me still today is our reaction to the news of Bin Laden’s death.  I was truly relieved that he was no longer walking the face of the earth as I truly believe that he was an agent of demonic evil.  But I have to say that I whispered a quick prayer for his soul and then one to ask God to rid this world of spirits of his kind. 

In the streets there were celebrations as there were in the military academies.  I get it and can’t really fault people from feeling a sense of relief, jubilation, and justification.  But, I doubt that all of the survivors of 9-11 or the families of those who perished on 9-11 feel a lot of jubilation or even a sense of justice.  Their families were ripped apart at the seams and the loss could never be satisfied.  I believe they have an even keener sense of our vulnerability than we will ever know. 

Those that seek to appease those that hold this country in contempt and blame America for all of their own defects, should know that appeasement has never worked throughout history and there are Bin Laden’s around every corner seeking to take advantage of the weak appeasers.  Those that want to turn the Middle East into a sand pit with a single nuclear blast are wrong as well.  We need to deal with evil decisively and swiftly without fanfare, speeches, and platitudes. 

The message should be, Attack Americans and you will suffer the consequences, quickly and mortally.  Period…  Obama needs to either be a president, expecting no praise and stopping his incessant egomaniacal masturbation, or not bother to run for a 2nd term.  It is his choice.  President or Community Organizer.  Any bets…?

RD Pierini


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