Obama Adopts Hugo Chavez Tactics with the Press–Time for the Media to Wake Up

Carla Marinucci of the SF Chronicle has in effect been banned from future WH briefing events.  For what?  For video taping and publishing the video of an anti-Obama protest online!  Why?  The WH says Carla was part of a “print pool” and as such could only report what she can write with a pencil and paper one would have to assume…  And this is from Obama the self-appointed King of Tech!  To make matters worse, the WH THREATENED Carla and the Hearst organization if they went public with the WH rebuke story.  REALLY?  Is this Venezuela?  Besides, this was in San Francisco, one of Obama’s favorite money caches for his campaign.

Some of the other dummies in the press were ticked at Carla because she scooped the story as Carla appropriately refused to be shackled.  What a breath of fresh air from the otherwise Obama-Media-Complex.  I am sure Chris Matthews will devote significant time on his insignificant MSNBC show, MushBall, to bash Carla.

It is time for more independence in the press and if it means staring down Obama and the WH so be it.  That is what the press is for.  The press is the only thing that stands between governments and people.  Without a vibrant free press, governments oppress their citizens.  This has surely been going on here for far too long.  Once again we have to leave it up to a “girl” to have the guts to do the right thing.  Well, are there any “boys” with guts and independence left in the press?  Bob Schieffer certainly is not one of them.

RD Pierini


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