Obama the Absent–Except for Oprah and Campaign Fund Raising

Some of the headlines today included:

  • Tornadoes devastate South, killing at least 290

  • Economic growth slows as inflation surges

  • Growth data cast doubt over recovery

  • Dollar Weakens, Treasuries Gain as U.S. GDP Growth Slows; Stocks Advance

  • Silver hits record near $50, first time since 1980

  • Most Americans say U.S. in recession despite data: poll

  • Wal-Mart: Our shoppers are ‘running out of money’

  • More people applied for unemployment benefits (429,000)

  • GE sees best profit outlook in a decade, execs say  (note to self:  it pays to be a friend of the President)

Wouldn’t you expect your President to be on Television talking to the American People and reassuring them that there are plans in motion to deal with some of this?  Don’t you think your President shouldn’t be on daytime talk shows yucking it up over political fodder such as Birthers and other issues that have nothing to do with the average person putting food on the table?  Don’t you think your President shouldn’t be scheduling most of a day attending campaign fund raising events for himself when the next election is one year and 7 months away and the US economy is in the tank?  Shouldn’t the President be on Television consoling those in the south who have lost everything they have had to the rash of storms hitting their areas?  Shouldn’t your President start acting like a President and not a political agitator?

He was right when he said this nation is facing some serious problems.  Obama’s policies have and are causing and sustaining many of these problems. If his goal is to drive the US into the abyss of history, he is right on track.  If he has one ounce of decency, he will cease his insane economic policies, formulate a real foreign policy, eliminate the bindings he has placed on business and energy, and focus on proven solutions.  Reagan said it correctly when he opined, “Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.  Obama believes that the government is the solution and that we are the problem.  He can only exist against a backdrop of class envy.  He has nothing positive to bring to the table.  There has to be someone in the Democratic Party with the intestinal fortitude to stand against Obama’s policies.  Where are the Liebermans?  Where are those on the left who still believe in American Greatness?  The world has been watching us and is now starting to turn away in disgust.  Time is not on our side…Oh, but Michelle wrangled an invitation out of the Queen to attend the wedding…I guess there is hope!

We need leadership on all sides, NOW!

RD Pierini










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