Bob Schieffer is an Anachronism and the Bigot, not Trump…

I am not a supporter of Donald Trump but Bob Schieffer demonstrated that he is a typical leftist media bigot who has to try to use the RACE CARD to silence opponents of the Anointed One, Obama.  Bob, when you call Trump a racist, it is like the first grader who gets ticked at his friend in the sand box and tries to curse at him by saying, “you are a big poop head”!  The impact now is about the same.  Get over it. 

We can genuinely detest the policies and beliefs of a black president without being racist.  I detested the policies of Jimmy Carter in the same way I do Obama’s.  If McGovern or Dukakis had been elected, I would have felt the same way about them.  If I were deaf and dumb, that will incite a comment or two from the left, I would still detest Obama’s policies and ideology.  I detest Castro’s, Chavez’s,  Putin’s and other communist/socialist/progressive leaders/agendas where ever they are practiced.  They are an affront to human dignity and only promote class warfare and hatred anyone held up as the enemy of the “state”.  Sometimes they even call their enemies racists!

To quote you Bob, you said of Donald Trump’s attempts to have Obama release his university records:

‘That’s just code for saying he got into law school because he’s black.’

‘This is an ugly strain of racism that’s running through this whole thing.’

You and the left did not pour over Bush’s university records?  You did not pour over Bush’s national guard records?  Remember your old buddy at CBS, Dan Rather, aka the forger, who actually aided and abetted in the creation of false letters demeaning Bush’s national guard committment and service records.  The left needs to come up with new slurs.  Your old ones are ineffective at this point.  Try Poop Head, it is easy to say and sounds melodious!

Rather than drag out the old and tired Race Card, how about getting off of your old tired rear end and do some real reporting.  (I can say that as I am on the backside of my 60’s)  Get out of your cushy office and go out and investigate a real story or I’ll have to call YOU a BIG POOP HEAD! So there!

RD Pierini

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