Global Warming – Lose-Lose in the Next Supreme Court Case

American Electric Power Co., Inc. v. Connecticut

The Supreme Court will have to decide whether States or Private Parties can sue Power Companies / Utilities for contributing to Global Warming.  When the Supreme court decided in Massachusetts v. EPA that carbon dioxide is a POLLUTANT and the EPA thus has the right to regulate carbon dioxide emissions under the clean air act, the Court set the stage for all kinds of wacko suits against any industry the emits a single molecule of carbon dioxide in the course of their business.  This leaves power companies especially vulnerable and thus its customers, you, to goofy lawsuits not only by the EPA but potentially by every wacko State Government and Environmental wacko.

American Electric Power Co strangely has the Federal Government on its side in this suit because Obama want the control over carbon dioxide all to himself.  The irony is that this case is a lose-lose for us, the taxpayers and customers of utilities.  Either way our power suppliers will get hit with fees, law suits, etc and our utility bills will continue to climb.  Gas prices are now $4.50 in California and elsewhere, how about doubling your electric, natural gas, propane and heating oil bills?  The Government or the other wackos will blame the dirty hydrocarbon industries for polluting our air and for causing climate change, not sure if it is supposed to be warming or cooling now.

Sadly, the Supreme Court decided Massachusetts v. EPA based when the substance of the case was clearly outside of the purvue of the court.  The court could not possibly establish a clear connection between Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming as it was not even settled science.  Clearly the court jumped the gun.  Now we are only left with whether the federal government will have sole reign over killing our hydrocarbon based energy sources or whether they will have to share this lunacy with States or other wackos.

One poor decision always leads to another, and another, and…

RD Pierini–6487


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