Calif. May Require Gay History Lessons–Really?

Leave it to our enlightened legislature here in California to ignore critical budget issues facing the State, its counties, its cities and its schools.  Now, Democratic Sen. Mark Leno of San Francisco has successfully passed his bill to REQUIRE California’s public schools to include gay history in social studies lessons.  AS IF our public schools in California have a stellar record of teaching students the basics. The State ranked 49th (out of 50 states, not 57 like Obama believes) in educating its students.  Thomas G. Mortenson has described California’s educational system as “… at the edge of the cliff”. 

This is not a gay or straight issue.  Do we teach heterosexual history in school?  Do we teach things like, “George Washington, a staunch heterosexual general in the colonial army”…?  Of course not.  The school districts will have the right in this bill to decide the curriculum and how to grade students, on what?  That kids should not beat up or harass other kids who are gay?  We should teach that bullying of any kind is wrong, period.  This is just as insane as “Hate Crimes”.  It does not matter much to the victim why he or she was shot and killed.  If someone murders another human being, that person should be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible under that State’s law.  The same applies here.  Bullying, harassment, etc. should not be tolerated by our schools, parents, and law enforcement. 

I am afraid that Senator Leno (any relationship to the other comedian Jay?) is just trying to inject his agenda into our school systems when he should be figuring out how we are going to go from 49th to 1st in US education.  We have to stop isolating groups as either special or bad and start teaching absolute, not relative morality.  Relative morality would make it less of an offence to harass a middle-class white, Christian child versus a gay child or a child whose parents are Muslim. 

IF something is bad, we as a society should treat the action, regardless of the motive, as bad.  Pitting one group against the other is the Obama Way but not the American Way.  Keep community organizers out of our schools and let our teachers teach.  They know how to do this if we would leave them to teach and the local school boards to direct the curriculum.

RD Pierini


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