Internet Privacy–Obama “Legislating” Control Over Private Networks

With $4.00+ gas prices, Wars in 3 countries, real unemployment approaching 20%, food price inflation rapidly increasing, a deficit of unbelievable proportions, and another back to back or on top of recession looming, Obama and his administration is quietly LEGISLATING new rules to allow Obama to monitor and control public, private sector internet domains the same way the government does with “.mil”  Military High Level Domains.  This means that “.Com”, “.Net”, and all other high level domains will be subject to government control and scrutiny.  Big “O”and Big “Sis” will have content review and control over then entire internet.  For companies that use the internet to externally supplement their own internal networks and intranets, Big “O” and Big “Sis” will be watching and will have the power to shut you down if they do not like how you are using the internet.  Before companies relied on ISDN or other private networks for external connections between their office.  More and more these are being replaced to a “free” (no cost) internet external network.  Now the internet may not be “free” (open and without government control), companies may have to rethink their communications strategy. 

If you think that government control over content is far-fetched, just yesterday Big Sis shut down 3 internet gambling sites.  This was done with 5th and 14th Amendment Due Process rights abridged or modified to fit the FBI’s desire to shut down the site.  Not since we were colonies and under the British Magna Charta, specifically clause 39, has personal rights with due process been so flagrantly disregarded as they have over recent months under Obama.  In the past 2 years, the Obama Administration has shut down over 150 internet sites because they did not like their content.  We may not like porn sites, gambling sites, or even terrorist sites but unless these are shut down through and not around the rule of law, the right to free speech is in serious danger.  What’s next, Tea Party Sites; right-wing blogger sites; talk radio sites; talk radio broadcasting via the internet?

Obama has prepared a 100 page SECRET piece of LEGISLATION that will go into effect via executive order.  This is a clear violation of the constitution as it expands on Executive Authority that can only be accomplished through Congressional Legislation or through a Constitutional amendment.  The only exception is in the case of a national emergency and I do not believe that a gambling site would constitute a threat to national security.  After all, State Governments run web sites for their various lotteries all of the time. 

This Executive Legislation is going on all the while the Congress is grappling with their own legislation to take away our internet freedoms.  (Just remember how Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iran and other have controlled their rebellions by shutting down the internet and especially the social networking sites.) 

Even a member of the Federal News Radio who reviewed Obama’s proposed “legislation” stated:

“I have to question why the Executive branch is writing legislation… This is not a proposal or white paper like the White House usually sends to Capitol Hill. This is the actual legislation.”

Why hasn’t this “legislation” been published for public review my Mr. Transparency? 

He is transparent all right!  Only his deceit is transparent!

Even the Congressional proposals to control the internet are beyond comprehension and are being led by such stalwarts of freedom as Republican Susan Collins.  This legislation should also be opposed by every freedom fighter in the US.  Once the government gets its hooks into the internet, our free speech rights will be limited to using the telephone and letters to the editor.  The latter has no hope with the Left’s control over print media. 

Don’t think the Progressives are only focused on the budget battles; they have their army of bureaucrats in every single federal agency writing regulations to abridge your God-given and Constitutionally Protected Rights…

RD Pierini


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