The REAL Budget Battle: Congressional Progressive Caucus VS Paul Ryan?

Mark Levin is the only national commentator who truly understands the stakes of the current budget battles and the elections of 2012.  Others have decried the lack of Republican backbone while giving into their wait and see posture. 

We don’t have the luxury of waiting or time. 

We need to recognize what we are facing and the resolve that our opponents possess.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that Obama is merely spewing campaign rhetoric when he attacks Paul Ryan’s character and questions his integrity over the budget battle.  Don’t make the mistake that Obama is merely spewing campaign rhetoric when he talks about repealing the Bush Tax Cuts; or, “Investing” (spending) even more on infrastructure (Union Payoffs);, or not changing Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security in a way that will systemically fix these entitlements and programs.  Obama is singing from the CONGRESSIONAL PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS (CPC) “PEOPLE’S BUDGET” hymnal.  

The CPC is composed of 67 House Democrats and Bernie Saunders from the Senate and it is the cornerstone of policy making group inside of our government and it is not directly part of the Democrat Party.  This is the hard left Progressive wing of the party who will do anything to adopt full socialist policies, destroy capitalism, and nationalize all Key US industries.  Make no mistake, Obama is in this camp and always has been.  We really need to stop listening to his rhetoric and analyze what he is DOING AND SAYING.   Also, make no mistake, Reid and Pelosi are committed to the same agenda and the three of them will do and say anything to shove this agenda down our throats. 

You should really connect to this link, go to the CPC website, then read their 30 page “People’s Budget”.  Sound like a Marxist Regime?  You really have to read beyond the words in their budget and focus on what the budget will create or destroy.    The Link to the CPC website is:,70

The Key Budget Points are:

  • HEALTCARE:  Public option goes into effect immediately thus eliminating our current health system.
    • Only the government will negotiate with Drug Companies, Healthcare Appliance Companies, and other heath care providers and set national rates for all costs and fees.  These are the same people who are running the Post Office, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and who pay $500 for a shovel
  • STIMULUS FOREVER:  Keeps Stimulus Funding in place ad infinitum at around $900B per year–Perpetuates money laundering for the DNC via public sector unions.
  • TRANSPORTATION FIASCOS:  Adds Billions to developing high-speed rail systems, to go where, Merced, CA to Bakersfield, CA?
  • NEW HAND OUT BANK:  Adds a Brand New Bureaucracy called the “INFRASTRUCTURE BANK (IBank)”  to shovel out Billions to special interests for green projects of all sorts.  (To make sure there is enough money to keep the community organizers busy
  • EDUCATION:  Pumps Billions more into education and to the NEA and other teacher unions to make sure they can launder money and keep the Progressives in power.
  • ENERGY:  No efforts would be made to develop our own nuclear, oil or gas resources but rather billions more would be dumped into subsidizing more green energy boondoggles.  Chevy Volts for Everyone!
  • MILITARY:  Cuts the Military troop levels by 25% or more over a short period of time plus:
    • Eliminates any further development of the Missile Defense Program.
    • Ends the Wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and presumably Libya immediately.
    • Reduces the naval fleet substantially
    • Reduces the Air Force squadrons substantially
    • Reduces “Strategic Capabilities” substantially.  They did not spell this out but it has to relate to our nuclear capabilities and global monitoring systems.
    • Basically emasculates our military to lower levels than during the Clinton era which left us woefully unprepared for a post 9-11 world
  • TAXES – BUSH TAX CUTS:  Repeal the Bush Tax Cuts totally, then add back the Clinton Regime tax brackets.  Marriage Relief, credits, and other payments to non taxpayers would continue and be increased.  These are payment back to people who do not pay taxes! 
    • “Hight Earners”  Probably over $125K (not clear in their doc), would be mandated to pay at least 28% of their income regardless of their itemized deductions.
    • Those couples making over #1M,  (individuals and small businesses) would be taxed at between 45%-47%, immediately.  Add the fact that these people and small businesses will have severe limits on their itemized deductions and be forced to pay at least 28% of their income, $280,000, in taxes. 
    • ALL TAXPAYERS would be hit hard by reverting to pre-2000 tax brackets.  The MIDDLE CLASS WOULD BE HIT THE HARDEST.  Loss of mortgage interest deductions, charitable contribution deduction, deductibility of state taxes, etc., would basically create a FLAT DEDUCTION (little or none permitted) SYSTEM, with increasing rates stating at 25% and going up to over 50% during the first year. 
  • CAPITAL GAINS:  Capital Gains and dividends would be taxed at Ordinary Income rates.
  • CORPORATE ATTACK:  The program they have lined up for Medium and large multi-national companies will insure that there are no domestic companies left who domicile in the US:
    • Any company who has overseas operations will pay taxes on all overseas profits regardless whether those profits are ever brought back into the US.  Result, all companies will have home offices elsewhere with satellite operations only in the US.
    • Oil, gas and coal companies would not be able to deduct their exploration costs.  Result, no exploration would take place in the US.
    • Superfund taxes would revert back to their pre 1995 levels even though there is not evidence that there are any major toxic areas left to clean up.
    • Banks will have to pay a tax on their bank LIABILITIES (loans outstanding) in the amount of .15% to start out.  So basically a bank with $50B in liabilities-Loans, would pay $75,000,000 per year in taxes on those liabilities.  Any guesses who will end up sucking up those taxes?  Do you think that by taxing bank loans that this will increase or decrease liquidity let alone loan costs…
    • Wall Street “Gaming” Tax which is basically a tax on all Wall Street transactions.  They can still create phony derivatives but at least the government will make money off of them.  Result, you will earn less on your investments as each side of a transaction will be taxed thus reducing your return as you are now sharing with Uncle Sam Obama.

If you want a preview of the results of the “Peoples Budget” her goes:

  1. Healthcare:  Obamacare will become a single payer system and we will have a UK style healthcare system overnight.
  2. Corporations:  All US medium and large corporations will establish home offices outside of the US dramatically reducing their US-based work forces. 
    1. As EPA gains more and more strength, more and more manufacturer will leave our shores.
    2. As trial lawyers become more and more empowered, more manufacturers and other business will move operations out of the US. 
    3. Jobs?  What jobs.  Eventually only public sector jobs or jobs in quasi-nationalized companies, such as General Motors, will be available.
    4. Business Start Ups: Not in the US.  The risk and regulatory hassle outweighs the potential to make a profit.
  3. Average Taxpayers:  Those 47% of the people in the US that actually work and pay taxes, will be hit harder and harder by increasing tax burdens.  Disposable income after taxes for recreation, vacations, etc will be non-existent.
  4. Energy:  Energy prices in the US will soar due to a lack of supply and the drain of resources into inefficient green energy projects.
  5. Education:  Education will continue to degrade and our educational standing in the world will continue to decline while the Teachers Unions literally take over the operation of the eduction system all the way through the university levels.
  6. Students:  Student loans will be tied to prescribed curricula with post grad jobs and locations assigned by the government.  Sound far-fetched, this is the way it works today in Canada for new doctors and other healthcare and ESSENTIAL occupations.
  7. Military:  The US military will be reduced to levels that will be rivaled even by Europe!  We will literally be at the mercy of not only Russia and China, but every other tin horn dictator around the world.  We will turn over more and more sovereignty to the United Nations in an attempt to mask our true weakness.

To the Progressive Left, these outcomes are utopia…

So when I hear commentators or politicians talk about compromise, I get physically ill.  The US that is envisioned in the “Peoples Budget”, and through the goals of the Obama Administration, is quite frankly scary.  It is even scarier when you realize that the Progressives have all of the current resources of the US at their disposal which are vast, in terms of capital, physical resources and military might.  If they gain absolute control over these three resources, and turn them against dissenting US opinions, the current budget battle will seem like a puff of smoke.  So the commentators on the Right need to wake up and see that this is not an issue between Paul Ryan’s budget and what the Democrats and Obama are spewing through their media, it is an issue of survival, period.

This is a battle rather for the American Way of Life versus the progressive left’s agenda as envisioned by the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Obama.  Paul Ryan’s budget is but a mere battle in a much larger war.  But, if we lose the Ryan battle, we eventually lose the war.  So far Boehner has settled for compromise versus combat.  You can bet the other side does not see this as a virtue…

Say a prayer tonight for our Nation and its people.  The strength we will need in the upcoming months will far exceed what we possess within ourselves alone.

RD Pierini,70


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