US Taxpayers Get the Short Stick with the “Compromise Funding”-AGAIN!

IF you DON’T live by PRINCIPLES,

then the decisions you make and the courses you take are always RIGHT

Late last night, Boehner, Speaker of the House, and McDonnell, Senate Majority Leader, walked away from the 2010 elections and the mandate to cut federal spending in a meaningful way.  The only PRINCIPLE that was upheld was Boehner’s and McConnell’s principle to cave in rather than force a government shut down if needed.  I was frankly not at all surprised since Boehner himself said he would not support a government shutdown some months ago as did McConnell.  Why would Obama and Reid back off of their position to not cut $100B from the 2011 budget, de-fund Planned Parenthood and Obamacare, and other Republican commitments from the 2010 election, when the Speaker and the Senate Majority Leader already said they would not force the shutdown. 

Boehner and McConnell apparently like to negotiate with themselves and forget the mandates that they were given in the last election.  They were afraid that if they were a party to shutting down the government that the House and Senate Republicans would suffer in the 2012 election cycle.  Well, guess what, you may have held onto a few independent voters in the short-term but you have lost most of your conservative base.  Don;t be surprised by July, 2011, the Tea Parties coalesce into a third political party. 

Americans are looking for leadership, not sound-bites; for principled leaders not politically expedient politicians; for someone they can trust to do the right thing, not compromise on our children’s and our grandchildren’s futures.

Last nights votes were apparently voice votes and not roll call votes so you really cannot tell for certain who voted for the one week stop-gap bills and who did not.  But, the vote next week will certainly be a roll call vote.  Watch for Michele Bachmann’s and Allen West’s lead against adopting the week compromise that Boehner and McConnell agreed to last night.  Call, write, fax or email every Congressman and Senator you can starting today.  Their contact information is listed on this easy to use website:

Watch the vote next week.  Those who oppose the passage are candidates that should be supported in 2012.  Those that agree to a watered down 2011 Budget should be jettisoned in 2012.  Some questions fiscal conservative must now ask themselves include:

  1. If we caved on the 2011 budget, how hard do you think Boehner and McConnell will fight to force Obama and Reid to accept Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal?
  2. If Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal is a comprehensive, sane, and responsible path to regain US Solvency, then where is the room for another “deal” with Obama and Reid?
  3. How much do you trust Boehner and McConnell to watch out for your best interest and those of your children and grandchildren going forward?
  4. Do you see anyone in the list of front-runners for the Republican Presidential nomination that you would feel really motivated to contribute $$$ to?

I have said for months that we will have to lose again in 2012 to establish a real conservative alternative party to the current luke warm Republican Party,  to combat the current progressive radical democrats who have dominated this country during this and the past century.  I am not sure that the nation would survive another 4 years of Obama, Reid and Pelosi but we may not have an alternative.  The current Republican leadership, and I used a small “L” to make a point, is not a counter balance to the hard progressive left that is consuming our resources and our nation.  We have to stand up now and get through to the Republican back room deal makers that they have to adopt a true conservative, fiscally sound, agenda and stick by them or else.  If Obama is in for another 4 years, there is a better than even chance that we will lose our tenuous majority on the Supreme Court.  If you think it was bad when the country was ruled by a Democratic President (Obama), with a Democratic House (Pelosi) and Senate (Reid), imagine if they had control over the Supreme Court as well!  Welcome to 2012…

RD Pierini


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