Libya Redux-Where is the Commander-In-Chief–Where is the Media

Here are a few of the headlines today that you probably won’t see in the Obama Media since they are preoccupied with blaming the Republicans for the Government shutdown.

Here are two that you may want to ponder first:

No Death Benefits for Military During Shutdown

Military Sends Out Half-Pay Notice to War Zone Troops



  • MESS: Botched NATO bomb raid leaves 13 Libyan rebels dead…  (We killed those who we were protecting!)
  • ‘We didn’t know they had tanks’…  (DUH, who is in charge?  Great intelligence!  What happened to the CIA who were on the ground?)
  • Up to the job? NATO criticized over Libya campaign  (YA Think!  If this was GW, he would have been tarred and feathered)
  • Rebels paint roof vehicles bright pink to avoid friendly fire...  (Good Idea! Now maybe Code Pink will Like this War and you won’t get killed by NATO!)
  • General Carter Ham: U.S. troops not ideal, but may be considered in Libya  (Ah, Obama, did you say “No Boots on the Ground?”  Maybe they will have rocket packs so they can hover just above the sand) 

Obviously Libya is a well thought out and executed plan.  We may need a score card to tell how many Rebels we kill and how many Kadaffi kills.  If we kill more than Kadaffi, does that mean we have to establish a No Fly Zone over ourselves?

Has anyone heard anything from the CIC?  When he was in South America having dinner, the press reported that he was able to direct a war (Libya) while having dinner, a true test of multi-tasking!  How come he can’t keep the American People informed about Libya while negotiating the government shutdown?  Oh, I mean the avoidance of a government shutdown. 

But there is one headline that should make your blood boil.  While Libya continues to be an exercise in abject incompetence, and Gates says we will be in Iraq after 2011, this headline says it all about the hatred of our military by Obama:

Military Sends Out Half-Pay Notice to War Zone Troops:  Link: Military Sends Out Half-Pay Notice to War Zone Troops

Obama will be the first President in modern history who has presided over a government shutdown and HAS NOT ISSUED ORDERS TO INSURE THAT THE MILITARY GETS PAID ON TIME.  The US Constitution, Section 2. Clause 1. states:  “The President shall be Commander-in-Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States…”  At the very least Obama is a hack for not paying the Military and at the worst he is violating his oath to uphold the Constitution, specifically, Section 2, Clause 1.  He is engaging in dereliction of duty in the worst way just to try to score some political points against the Republicans who are trying to add some fiscal sanity back into our government. 

The headline you should really try wrap your head around is: 

No Death Benefits for Military During Shutdown

Just how sick is this President?  When one of our troops gives his or her all, and their dependents are struggling to pay for final expenses and transition through the loss of their loved one, Obama is going to make them wait for their meager death benefits?  What kind of a human being is occupying the White House.  Where are the Democrats and their outrage?  Abortions are more important to them than our troops.  What kind of message are we sending to our troops, our allies and our enemies? 

Don’t fall for the blame game that the Democrats are playing over the budget.  Remember the real issue, Obama had two changes to make sure our kids in uniform would be paid during the shut down and he voted “present” on both.  It is time for a CHANGE…

RD Pierini


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