Vacation Time For Obama-Creates New ‘NO FLY ZONE” Policy

Now that Obama has gas prices back under $2.00/gallon; Now that Obama has the Middle East and North African nations quiet and peaceful; Now that our troops have all they need in Afghanistan and Iraq; Now that we have developed our own oil and natural gas supplies so we are not longer energy dependent on other nations; now that Obama has made our educational system #1 in the world; He is off on a long deserved vacation to Historic Williamsburg.  This historic landmark will provide Obama and his daughters an in-depth insight to some of our country’s early history…

OOPS!  None of those problems are solved and if the Budget is not approved or the C/R as proposed by the Republicans is not approved, the government will be shut down and OUR MILITARY WILL NOT GET PAID ON TIME.  POSTAL WORKERS WILL GET PAID ON TIME.  No president in the past has ever allowed a government shutdown to impact our troops.  Obama said this is a “distraction” and he will veto the C/R to keep out troops paid on time.

Finally, The FAA has created a NO FLY ZONE over Williamsburg.  Maybe we should just send Obama to Libya and have the FAA declare Libya a NO FLY ZONE!  Beat the heck out of sending our kids to do battle with the Libyans, especially if we are NOT EVEN GOING TO PAY THEM!

Obama is proving to be the most unique Commander-In-Chief in the history of the world.  Maybe someone can send him a copy of the teachings of Sun Tzu Art of War so he can see what leadership is all about.

If you have a computer, then send emails and  faxes to your Congressperson and the WH.  If you don’t and can buy the new and improved $.44 stamp, send one or both a letter.  Enough of this guy is enough.  His arrogance and aloofness is beyond comprehension. How can someone who has accomplished absolutely nothing be so arrogant!

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