Obama-The Great Alliance Builder–“Saudis Seek Friends in Russia and China”

Appropriate Legacy

During the 2008 campaign, the media heralded the second coming as being Obama and that Obama-The-Great would create alliances throughout the globe that had been utterly destroyed by the bad evil GW Bush.  Obama could reach out to Africa, the Arab World, our European Allies, the East, the North, the South, and the West.  The media could not wait for us to discover life on Mars so Obama could go there and woo the Martians over to our side in peace and harmony. 

Then…S H A Z A M! 

The reality of 2011.  One of our staunchest Arab ally in the Middle East has always been Saudi Arabia.  GW Bush and practically every president before GW had a good relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Royal Family.  Then comes Obama-the-Great and destroys a century of good relations with Saudi Arabia at a time when gas prices are at or over $4.00/gallon and OPEC is thumbing their collective noses in our face, thanks to Obama-the-Great.  Even Tom Brokaw reported today from Iraq that:

“I was told on the way in here that the Saudis are so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt that it sent high level emissaries to China and Russia to tell those two countries that Saudi Arabia now is prepared to do more business with them.”

This is from the hard-core mainstream media who anointed and crowned Obama-the-Great.  King Abdullah himself, a long time friend of the US, is questioning the depth and breadth of our friendship and support.  Just how do you think Saudi Arabia is viewing Obama-the-Great’s calls for Kadaffi to get out?  How about Obama-the-Great’s call for the Royal Family in Bahrain to pack up?  How about our apparent willingness to side with Al Qaeda who are part of the Libyan Rebels trying to ouster Kadaffi?  Obama-the-Great is backing every rebellion in the Middle East and this is making even the King of Saudi Arabia seek relationships with either Russia, China or both.  Obama-the-Great is creating a power vacuum in the Middle East and now in Africa that will usher in Russia and China as we exit through the back door.  All of our Cold War gains may be for nought if Obama-the-Great continues and he will.  He has no choice, he is incompetent!

Israel is certainly not comfortable with Obama-the-Great.  The EU has no clue what Obama-the-Great’s foreign policy is towards them or our past enemies or whether our enemies are now our friends and our friends our enemies.  Wait, even the rebels who Obama-the-Great somewhat supports thinks he is a flake and they can’t rely on him. 

Obama-the-Great’s skills at forging new alliances are certainly unique.  In about a half a term, he has wiped out a 100 years of solid alliances that took hundreds of thousands of lives to achieve.  He has confounded both our allies and our enemies.  He has emboldened China and Russia to the point where they do not even concern themselves about what the US will do in the face of a threat.  They know Obama-the-Great will back down and sell out the US. 

Well when Chris Matthews and maybe Bill Maher start criticizing Obama-the-Great maybe we will know that there may be hope that we can solicit our media’s help in electing a real leader who can actually fill the shoes of our past great Presidents.  If they put Obama’s picture on any currency it will have to be a $3.00 bill.  That way the old saying, “Phony as a $3.00 Bill” will have a picture attached to it!  We can call them ‘BARRY BUCKS!’

RD Pierini



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