Obama and Dems using Military Pay as a Bargaining Chip–Commander-In_Chief?

Obama and many of the House and Senate Democrats are playing “chicken” with military pay that will be delayed if the government shutdown occurs Friday.  This is truly sick and an action unbecoming a Commander-In-Chief of a banana republic, let alone the United States of America. 

Obama not only avoids dealing with troop levels in Afghanistan, pull out extensions in Afghanistan, what the heck he is going to do next in Libya, but now he is totally ignoring the plight of our men and women in the military who may have their pay postponed until the shutdown is over.  Our military is the most selfless group of young men and women on this earth who give their all for not only us, but for people in many countries around the globe to help make their lives better.  What do we do to show our appreciation, have their Commander-In-Chief ignore them and show no support for the Republican House and Senate bills that would ensure that the military pay continues without disruption through a government shutdown. 

Kay Bailey Hutchinson has introduced two bills in the Senate that Reid has not bothered to bring to the floor for a vote that would ensure payment of our military and key DOD personnel in the event of a shutdown.  (Senate Bills 721 and 724)  Why have the Democrats in the Senate stonewalled these bills?

The truly sad fact about the shutdown is that our military will suffer but the Administration and Congress will continue to receive their pay without penalty or delay.  We cannot even force the Congress not to be paid as the 27th Amendment to the Constitution.  It reads, “No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened”.  Some in the WH and Democrat members of Congress has defended the lack of pay to the military by saying that the pay would just be postponed and that they would be paid in full once the shutdown is over.  These men and women are paid less than half that of a US Postal worker.  It is bad enough trying to stretch the meager paycheck they receive now let alone be without any paycheck for a period of time.  Our military personnel are not “rich” or have resources to fall back on.  WHAT WOULD OBAMA DO IF WE TRIED TO CUT THE PAY OF HIS PRECIOUS UNION CRONIES?  I doubt if he would be off campaigning for the 2012 election.

Call or write your Representative or Senator now and insist that they protect the pay of our military.  No military paycheck should be used as a sick political pawn to hide the fact that Obama, Reid, and Pelosi shirked their duties last year by not passing a budget.  They had all the votes they needed to do so.

RD Pierini





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