Obama Acts Tough but is Disengaged on the Budget Process

Obama-Reid-Pelosi had an iron clad majority in all branches of the government over the past two years and failed to pass any budget during that time. Now, he calls on Congress to “Grow Up”?  The republicans, thanks to Paul Ryan, have put forth the only budget that has a chance of keeping this country for spending 100% of its GDP to merely fund the government behemoth.  Ryan’s budget will at least start to reduce the deficit starting in 2014 and will significantly reduce it by 2021.  Obama’s “budget” will do just the opposite starting with adding almost $2 Trillion to the deficit this year.

Where was Obama when the budget work was hot and heavy in January and February?  Vacationing, golfing, and generally out of sight.  This is the worst leader the free world has ever experienced and one we will regret long into our future.  If the Ryan formula is not adopted, we may not have a future.  Next time you hear any democrat/progressive rant about how the republicans are starving seniors and killing kids ask them about the SPECIFICS of their plan to eliminate the deficit and put people back to work.  The stimulus was the second of two bad ideas, TARP being the first and those do not create jobs.  They did pay bonuses to Wall Street, the banks, and the union hierarchy. 

It is time to shut down the government and start to rebuild this nation with sound fiscal policies.  Shut down Obama, Shut down Reid, and Shut UP Pelosi, please…

What you will hear is:

  • Tax Breaks for the Rich
  • Taking meals away from seniors
  • Taking meals away from kids
  • Depriving kids of their education.

Let’s give the Ryan Budget a try.  If any of these predictions come to pass, which they won’t, we can deal with them as one offs.  The democrats have swelled the ranks of food stamp recipients, doubled down on education $$$s with no results, dumped billions into State’s and Union coffers without creating a single job, and in general failed to govern.  They are a party of no ideas and if their top three are any indication, they are morally and intellectually bankrupt!

Time is marching on as is the interest on our ever growing debt.  Maybe a government shut down would be a good breather for all of us to take then take hold of this government and get it doing what the people need it to do.  No more Obama Cronyism to Unions Thugs, Wall Street and Big Banks.  Stop this Insanity now.  

RD Pierini




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