Tired of Islamic PC Sensibility?

I fully expect that many of you will not agree with what you are about to read but someone has to say it. 

It is time for all nations, religions, and people in general to grow up and try to crate a more sane world…

There are a lot of despicable acts that are performed in our modern world that are perpetrated by degenerates of all colors, creeds and breeds!  No group, race, religion, or any other gathering one two or more are exempt from human stupidity including families of fallen soldiers while they are trying to say good-bye to their loved one who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country. 

But, no other group perpetrates riots and kills to demonstrate their outrage against the idiotic actions of a few deranged people,  as frequently as those who profess to be believers in the Islamic teachings, specifically those of the Prophet Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullāh, as expressed in the Qur’an.  Once again, Terry Jones, the so-called pastor of a Florida so-called Christian Church engaged in the burning of the Qur’an.  While Jones is a complete nut job and his actions and those of his followers are totally insane acts that do not represent any sane belief, especially Christian, it is no excuse for rioting and the injury and killing of human beings.  To riot, maim and kill in the name of Allah, God, Jesus, Buddha or any other manifestation of our Supreme Being, is totally contrary to the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad, Jesus Christ, the Old Testament Prophets or Siddhārtha Gautama, (the founder of Buddhism). 

Christianity has been under attack by its enemies over the centuries and its followers have had to tolerate the burning of their Holy Bible, or worse; “art” in the form of Christ being painted using human fecal matter and any other despicable act you can possibly imagine.  The followers of Judaism were not only persecuted for their adherence to their religion but their race as a whole have been subject to mass exterminations and torture.  There is no doubt that there is no boundaries when it comes to human intolerance and stupidity… 

But…  I would like to see the Imams around the world to stand up and lead their people in the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad in support of peace and respect.  The Imams should condemn the actions of idiotic acts by ignorant persons around the world but they should also counsel their flock not to resort to violence against anyone or anything.  We are taught in Christianity that we must be tolerant of those who persecute us and we try to live by that principle.  Christians also believe that if you are a true Christian that you would not even consider the desicration of the Qur’an or any other religions’ symbols, artifacts, writings, Mosques, synagogues, Temples or places held sacred by any religion or group.  I would hope that the leaders of Islam begin to reach out and display the same tolerance toward others who would seek to persecute them or defile their beliefs in any way.  I would hope that the Pope, Christian Protestant leaders, Rabbis, Imams, and leaders of all of the world religions would come together when any of their fellow religions are the subject of irreverence.  World leaders should decry the acts of irreverence in the strongest terms possible.  But, if any group takes to violence to “cure” this irreverence, the same condemnation should befall those who perpetrate acts of violence in the name of religion.  It is the antithesis of all of the World’s Religions…

In šāʾ Allāh (إن شاء الله)

 RD Pierini





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