Obama, War is Hell, It is NOT Some Kind of Video Game-Get it?

Instills No Fear In Our Enemies!

Having a Commander-in-Chief who has no credentials or desire to carry out his duties is a sad and dangerous thing to watch.  It is even sadder to think that our children, grand children, nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors have out their lives on the line to follow a reluctant CIC.  We all watch as Obama wrung his hands for months trying to decide on final troop assignments in Afghanistan.  Our troops were fortunate in Afghanistan as Bush had out together the battle plan and assignments and all Obama had to do was to tweak troop levels.  But, Libya is a different matter.  He is playing a very dangerous game where the chess players are our kids, and the kids of many innocent Libyans, whether they are loyal to Kadaffi or the “rebels”.  Shooting off missiles may be an “antiseptic” way to wage a war but there are real people at the other end when those missiles explode.  You better know why you launched them and be committed to an all out war if needed. 

Imagine for a second that you are Kadaffi and you get to wear all of his funky outfits!  You have been in power for 40 years and have been somewhat of a bad boy but no one has seriously threatened you, other than President Reagan.  In fact, Obama’s cohorts, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan have visited Kadaffi and have visited him in Libya.  Obama has reached out to Kadaffi numerous times in the past two years but now Kadaffi has to go?  Just a year ago Obama put pressure on the British to release the Lockerbie Bomber to Kadaffi, knowing full well that Kadaffi was behind the downing of Pan Am 103 and the killing of 270 innocent people, most of whom where Americans.  Kadaffi loaned the US-based Nation of Islam (Farrakhan) $3M to build the Chicago Mosque Maryam, the Nation of Islam’s international headquarters.  Why would you think that the US was seriously trying to get rid of you?

Obama has already demonstrated that he is way over his head as CIC.  He signaled to Kadaffi first of all that we would NEVER send in ground troops then he said we would not take out Kadaffi militarily.  This is insane actions by a CIC as you never take options off of the table.  The people you put at risk are our own soldiers and innocent people in the impacted lands.  It is interesting to see different “spokespersons” come on TV describing our “policy” in Libya.  It is like the old story about the 10 blind men feeling various parts of the elephant and then describing what they think they felt…  All 10 gave a different account.  The same for the White House and democrat Congressional spokespersons.  Where did the bury the Director of National Intelligence who did not really know who the Muslim Brotherhood were?  Where is the Direct of the Central Intelligence Agency, Leon Panetta?  Who are we fighting for?  Who are the rebels.  We learned today that two of the rebels were former guests Guantanamo Bay and who were former Afghan Mujahedeen.  We have read reports that Al-Qaeda is helping to organize the “rebels” and who have in fact stolen surface to air missiles to be used in the conflict, against us or Kadaffi?  We learned the hard way after 9-11 that a failure in our intelligence gathering equals death to American citizens…

Elections do matter and we as a people hopefully have learned a very expensive and valuable lesson, experience and character counts.  Obama is lacking in both.  At least if you have core principles and the backbone to stick by those principles then you will be able to be consistent.  Obama has no core principles from which to draw strength.  He only knows how to issue slogans, not command decisions.  His only experience was as a community organizer.  What did your really expect?

RD Pierini






2 thoughts on “Obama, War is Hell, It is NOT Some Kind of Video Game-Get it?”

  1. While you are entitled to your own opinion, please acknowledge the flaws in your argument. Since I don’t want to argue with you that much, I’m only going to point out a few.
    First of all, If “war is hell,” you should agree that less war would be good. Yet, Bush invaded Iraq searching for weapons of mass destruction, and none were found. While he did eliminate a tyranical dictator, he initiated a war essentially on a hunch.
    Secondly, there is no evidence that Obama is a “reluctant CIC.” He ended the war in Iraq and is bringing troops home in order to protect the Americans that risk their lives for our country.
    Thirdly, if you want to talk about “consistency” and “character,” let’s take a look at Mitt Romney from the Republican party. Look at this venn diagram, for example: http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/mt/assets/politics/romneyvenn.banner.jpg
    Lastly, you must realize how unbelievably biased your viewpoint is. I can acknowledge that Obama isn’t an excellent president. He has had some failures, and his actions in Libya weren’t particularly agreeable. However, compared to George Bush and Mitt Romney, I, unfortunately, see him as an incredible president. Please use legitimate arguments, as opposed to making wild accusations such as, “he has no desire to carry out his duties.”
    Again, you can have your own opinion, but I recommend you become more informed before you attempt to present this opinion to others.


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