Obama Motors Update–Pathetic–Cover Up with More TAX $$$s

Chevy Volt Strikes AGAIN and AGAIN

Every wonder how the flagship GREEN MACHINE, the Chevy Volt is doing on the Sales Floors across America?  Pretty well, most are staying on the sales floor!

Here are you sales number for the past couple of months.  These are real numbers:

February 2011:  281 cars 

January 2011:  321 cars

December 2010:  326 cars

Toyota Prius sales for the period January 2011 through February 2011 was 24,174 cars!  Way to go Obama, you are a supremo car designer who has his pulse on the buying demands of the American Public.  Maybe the American Public can see through your hype!

More Graft and Corruption to Boost Sales of the Chevy Volt:

Cash for Clunkers 2: Instant Cash Rebates to Consumers who buy the Volt: 

Due to the less than spectacular sales of the Volt, CONGRESS and OBAMA are devising an improved marketing strategy.  Does this statement even bother you just a little?  Why are these two coming up with a marketing scam?  Answer, Because their Progressive Back Sides are on the line and they are failing miserably. 

Senator Debbie Stabenow, Michigan Democrat, to the rescue.  Of course it would be Debbie since GM is in her State.  She is proposing that purchasers of the Volt would receive an INSTANT REBATE of $7,500 when they buy one of these lemons.  Her legislation is called “Charging America Forward Act” (S.298)”.  So, you can go buy a $41,000 Volt and receive a $7,500 rebate that lowers the cost to you to $33,500.  (Then the dealer has to worry about being reimbursed by Obama!)  The Volt’s $33,500 price tag is still higher than the tried and proven Toyota Prius, the Honda Insight, and Ford’s Fusion.  None of these three had to have an Obama Bailout or Tax gimmick to succeed. 

Even “His Excellency of Irrelevance”, Vice President Biden has described the program as follows, “You won’t have to wait,’ it would be like the cash-for-clunkers program.”  Pretty appropriate since the Volt is a clunker when compared to the Toyota, Ford and Honda competitors.  The Volt has to have Premium gasoline, the others regular; All three are Hybrids and NOT Electric cars; the Volt goes 25-50 miles before the batteries run out and the gas engine takes over (cold or hot weather even less), the competitors alternate gas and electric depending upon demand;  the volt has a very poor heating and air conditioning system to preserve battery life, the competition uses true hybrid technology so the heater and air conditioner are the same as in their gas only vehicles.  Obama wanted a plug-in car and that is what GM made since “He” owns GM.  That was a poor design set to start out with.  They should have used proven hybrid technology since the Volt has a gas engine that is used for the bulk of its operation unless you only drive 25 miles a day. 

The $375M Cherry on Top for General Electric: 

Since GE is in the tank with Obama, GE will get the “plug-in concessions” for charging stations.  GE will also buy 50,000 Volts sometime as stated by the GE CEO, Jeffrey Immelt.  This means that GE will receive $375,000,000 in rebates PAID FOR BY YOUR TAX DOLLARS.  Remember, GE paid no taxes on $5B in profits last year and in fact have a net tax BENEFIT, paid for by you, due to their lobbying efforts and contributions to Obama.  Happy now!

RD Pierini






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