Foreign Policy On the Fly! No Obama Doctrine to be Forthcoming

WH:  No Decisions based on Consistency or Precedent???  Then based on WHAT pray tell…

Threats vs Actions?

The DEPUTY NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISOR, Dennis McDonough, said with a straight face:  “We don’t make decisions about questions like intervention based on consistency or precedent,”!  In trying to draw some kind of distinction between Libya and the rest of the Middle Eastern Nations in turmoil, McDonough quoted Gadhafi’s direct threats of violence against some of his own citizens as part of the reason the U.S. felt compelled to get its military involved in Libya.  I guess THREATS are more important than actions as the ACTIONS of Mubarak of Egypt, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Ben Ali of Tunisia, “Wacko Senior” of Iran, etc, are the same as those carried out by “Kadafi-Duck” in Libya, they are all killing their own citizens who are protesting their governments. 

Secretary of Defense Vs Secretary of State:

Secretary of Defence Robert Gates was shut down by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton when Gates responded to a question on Face the Nation regarding our strategic interests in Libya.  Gates said, that he doesn’t think Libya is “a vital interest” for the United States, but that the North African nation is part of a region that is of vital American interest.  Clinton quickly corrected him stating that Libya is in the US national interest but did not elaborate as to why? 

The Need for Consistency-Policy & Doctrines:

When a leader has no clue what he or she is doing, decisions are made based on political expediency rather than policy or doctrine.  In the immortal words of the crown prince of political expediency, John F. Kerry, “I was for the war before I was against it”.  That pretty much sums up Obama.  He has no guiding principles, no policy tenants that he subscribes to, or any firm doctrine that he claims when it comes to foreign policy (at the very least).  This is troubling for us as citizens; catastrophic for our military men and women who have to guess what actions they should take based on a lack of spine at the top; Frustrating for our allies as they never know what side Obama will land on; and an OPPORTUNITY for our enemies as they just push and poke with little or no fear of retribution.  “Kadafi-Duck” just was unlucky that his name came up in the Obama Foreign Policy Lottery! 

Tonight the “Teleprompter-In-Chief” takes to the air to say what exactly?

  • We are committed to Libya for days, weeks, months?
  • We are turning over Command and Control to NATO, if they want all or part of it?
  • We are enforcing the no fly zone but are not bombing surface targets unless we are bombing surface targets?
  • We want “Kadafi-Duck” killed and permanently removed from office unless “Kadafi-Duck” wins and repents then he can live and stay for a while?
  • We are supporting law-abiding citizens of Libya and not Al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Hamas or some other terrorist organizations unless they run for office after “Kadafi-Duck” leaves, or not?

We have had many great presidents in our great past who understood the world they lived in and created policy and doctrines to guide this nation through those times.  This is not for the textbooks, it is to allow a nation to survive the onslaught of those who would do harm to this nation.  Obama thinks the world is one big community that he just has to organize and everyone will play nice.  Well Mr. President, you can threaten, cajole, or even place the race card with the world’s thugs and they really do not care who you think you are.  Your actions will be the only criteria they base their response to us on and if you continue your weak posture, they will over-run us and our allies. 

We have had many great presidents in our great past, but Obama will not join their ranks… 

 In the immortal words of my favorite “philospher” Steven Wright,

The sky already fell. Now what?

RD Pierini


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