Do You Ever Wonder What Happens to Critical News Events that Simply Disappear?

I am amazed at the news cycles today as they are so short-lived or some are even propped up beyond their importance to perhaps shield news that the media does not what you to focus on. 

  • Egypt:  What happened to the “critical” uprising in Egypt?  Who is in charge now?   Who is taking over?  Are US interests being protected?
  • Tunisia:  What happened to the “world-changing” uprising in Tunisia?  Who is in charge now?   Who is taking over?  Are US interests being protected?
  • Saudi Arabia:  What happened to the “anti-Saudi” uprising in Saudi Arabia?  What does the future hold?  Are US interests being protected?
  • Jordan:  What happened to the “anti-monarchy” uprising in Jordan?  Is the King solidly in place or threatened.  Are US interests being protected?
  • Japan Earthquake:  The Earthquake and resulting Tsunami is one of the most tragic events of this new century.  18,000-27,000 citizens of one of our strongest allies are dead and scores of other injured.  What is happening to rebuild that great country?  What is the US doing to help out?  What have we learned about Earthquakes vs Tsunamis?  Seems like once the nuclear issue came up people no longer mattered!  Sad.
  • Tuscon Shootings:  Seemed like toning down the rhetoric was the watchword for a couple of news cycles until the left went all out with their barrage of hate speech. 
  • Wisconsin Union Battles:  If it were not for Greta on Fox this would be a non issue any longer.  Wisconsin is still the test case for the nation and is still newsworthy. 
  • Libya:  The news coverage here is still front page but really all over the board.  If this were a Bush War, all hell would have broken out in the media and every hack with a pencil would be opining how poor a leader Bush was and how ill-conceived this war is.  “Where’s the Beef”?
  • Border Battles:  Arizona and Texas border woes have increased but where is the coverage?  Any investigative reporting going on here?  How about Arizona’s AB 1070 battle with Obama.  Where does that stand?
  • Obamacare is Unconstitutional:  Why isn’t someone in the press pursing this?  Obama has flatly disregarded court rulings to cease the implementation.  This is a constitutional crisis and it never hits even page 2.
  • Obama Defies Court on Drilling Moratorium:  Where are the stories on this?  Obama is operating outside of our laws and shredding the Constitution with this overt act of defiance.  Where is the press on this issue?

Maybe if we could focus on an issue for more than a few hours we could solve some of our problems and get them behind us.  The problem is that we have turned into a society of “out of sight, out of mind”.  If some talking head is not telling us the “X” is a problem, we don’t care about “X”.  It is bad enough to have a media who is totally controlled by the Left but even Fox has bought into the “News Flash of the Moment” mentality and no longer does much follow-up or true investigative reporting.  O’Reilly used to be somewhat focused on events but now seems to be more interested in landing the next Obama interview.  He brushes over issues and typically takes the middle left position.  He needs to be moved off of the 8:00PM slot which I predict he will be due to sliding ratings at some point in the near future.

It is up to you to be and stay informed on issues that last more than a few hours.  No major problem erupts and is solved within our current new cycles.  Politicians hope you follow the new cycles and forget about the real important issues that have fallen off of the screen or page 1-10.  It is your country and it is at risk from all sides.  The Democrats and Republicans are both deaf to the American Public and both believe that the nation starts and ends in Washington DC.  Problems have never been solved by Government and never will be.  It is the hard-working American Citizens that solve problems.  We just have to stay focused in spite of short news cycles and politicians who are merely looking to have the next sound bite!

RD Pierini


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