Nuttiest Headlines for March 25th–Welcome to the “Obama Nation”

Today was the poster child for bizarre news headlines and stories.  They do point out just how poorly Obama has done as president and as the leader of the free world.  The latter title I doubt that he would ascribe to as he apparently feels like the US would be better off as a third world country.  Her are just a few of the headlines/stories from today.  I have included links to each where possible…

“Barack Obama to lawmakers: We won’t kill Qadhafi” (1)

This follows a week of his various administration SPOX going on the air proposing regime change, exile, and outright removal.  This statement, like the next one, takes one more option off of the table.

“Ground Troops are not an Option in Libya”.  Well, Qadhafi now knows that he does not have to fear invasion, at least from Obama.  The others in NATO may not agree.

Nato to take full control of Libya mission (2).  Then, a headline below this one was; NATO deal leaves U.S. still commanding Libya strikes“.  (3)  These were filed within 6 hours of each other.  Now that Willie Clinton defined what “is” is, maybe Hillie Clinton can define what “Full Control” is?  Then finally in this clear as mud info trail was a line in Drudge that read; “Pentagon Considering Adding Air Power…” (3a)  (to Libya) 

The clincher can be found under the headline, “Libyan rebel commander admits his fighters have al-Qaeda links”.  This is after weeks of Obama and his lackies telling us that this is a revolt by moms, pops, and students in Libya.  DUH, I guess Obama was the last to find out that Islamic Extremist are behind the Libyan and most of the rest of the uprisings throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  (3B)

“G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether” (4).  GE posted a $14.2 Billion dollar profit worldwide, $5.1 Billion of which was earned inside of the US, and they claimed a TAX CREDIT of $3.2 Billion!!!!  So, you the taxpayers, can subsidize the $3.2 Billion Dollar GE tax Credit by paying your taxes.  Do you think Obama’s cozy relationship with GM may be at play?  The White House was quick to mound a defense for GE in the story entitled;White House defends embrace of G.E. CEO despite report company didn’t owe taxes in 2010″ (5)  Don’t forget, in January President Obama named GE’s CEO Jeffrey Immelt to head Obama’s “President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness”, that is supposed to advise on job creation.  The only job’s that GE has created are Lobbyists in Washington to make sure they get the most favorable tax laws that they can and accountants to make sure the numbers match the IRS regs that GE lobbied so hard to get so they could EVADE taxes.  Don’t forget also that GE plans to “buy” 50,000 Chevy Volts through which they will receive a tax credit of $375,000,00, robbing you of even more of your tax dollars.  BTW, GM only sold some 320 Volts last month.  Do you Immelt’s purchase is payback to Obama Motors?  Don’t forget, GE has the design for “charging stations” that they secured through their relationship to who?  Oh yea, Obama…

Here is a real confidence builder; “Obama says he didn’t inform Mexico of U.S. gun smuggling operation because he didn’t know about it”. (6)   To make it even worse, dumb-dumb Eric Holder did not know of it either.  So much for our two top law enforcement officers being sharp and ready to rumble…  Obama’s defense was summed up in his statement; “It is a pretty big government” with “a lot of moving parts.”!!!  Not a big deal.  We are only at war with the cartels in Mexico which means that we are war with Mexico!  Few more guns on the Mexican side will make the people of Arizona sleep much better!  He may be learning his lesson that you just can’t trust a teleprompter to keep you up to date especially if you are on vacation.

Well, those were just a few of the nutty headlines for today!  This past week we have seen a President invade a sovereign nation without even addressing his own Nation or the Congress.  In fact he did it while he was on vacation making him a real “multi-tasker” according to the wacko media.  It is one thing for a President and the Leader of the Free World to be a delegater, but this guy is so far out of his league he would not even understand what to delegate.  Sad!

RD Pierini










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