Obama’s First Crack at Building A Coalition–Another Abject Failure

Obama is if nothing else, EXTREMELY CONSISTENTLY WRONG.  No matter what he touches, breaks.  No matter the platitudes he summons in his great oratory, HE FAILS IN HIS ACTIONS.

The Libya Coalition, and I use that term VERY Loosely, is a good case in point.  Here are just a few of the pitfalls to his first real foray as commander-in-chief (in training)

  • The military has a rock solid engagement plan developed by Obama with defined tactical goals and strategic milestones.  Obama drafted a cunning exit strategy and a coherent limited engagement play book…  THIS IS WHAT HE SHOULD HAVE DONE….HE DID NOT DO ANY OF THESE…
  • The Obama Plan so far has produced:
    • A disagreement with the UK who wants to shoot Kadaffi or at the very least chase him out of Dodge!  Obama said the day he got back from his vacation that Kadaffi had to go.  The Brits cheered.  The next day Obama said that Kadaffi could stay if he was a good boy.  The Brits jeered and the rebels scratched their heads.
    • France just wants to bomb something so they can complete their oil contracts with the rebels, whoever they are?  Sarkozy in France is PO’d at Obama as every time Sarkozy calls the White House he gets Hillary and is told that Obama is on vacation.
    • Germany pulls out all assets as they see this as a witch hunt to kill Kadaffi and once they learned that Obama was going to dump this mess on NATO, Angela said “basta” (enough).  Gernany is history.
    • Italy is mad at everyone and is shutting off the lights on the runways in Sicily so the missions will have to fly from somewhere else.  I guess Obama skipped the Harvard class where he would have learned that Italy has a close relationship with Libya since Libya is a former colony.  Burlusconi himself has a very close working relationship with Kadaffi and Burlusconi is wondering why Obama, or even Hillary, did not call him to see if he could work something out with Kadaffi before things got out of hand.   Burlusconi is particularly miffed as he could have had at least two more dates with teenagers if he hadn’t had to deal with this!
    • Robert Gates, the Secretary of Defense, the guy that has to try to carry out this incomprehensible, incoherent, idiotic plan of attach, says that it is KIND OF DIFFICULT TO CARRY OUT THIS PLAN WHEN IT IS BEING CREATED ON THE FLY, or some such comment.  Feel good yet? 
    • Then, the Arab League, who Obama did so much to make them our allies,  feels totally betrayed as they agreed to a No Fly Zone, not a complete Annihilation of ground and air assets plus a dead or alive capture Kadaffi mission. 
    • Obama forgot that trying to dump this mess on NATO might meet with a backlash from the Muslim dominated Turkey.  They aren’t keen on all the “westerners” dumping on their friend Kadaffi… 
    • Then, Obama, that master strategist that he is, tells the whole world, INCLUDING KADAFFI, that there is no way we will send in ground troops.  Well, Kadaffi can scratch that off of his list of threats!  No need to prep for that, just keep shooting the rebels FROM INSIDE OF THEIR OWN CITIES WHERE WE CANNOT BOMB WITHOUT TAKING OUT “CIVILIANS”!

In Short, Obama has alienated our European, NATO, and Arab League comrades in less than a few days.  He started a war without addressing Congress, the troops that he was sending into harms way, his own nation, NATO, nor anyone else as he was on vacation in South America.  The only bad thing about his vacation is that he came back…

Please pray for our brave men and women in the armed services that have to endure the insanity of an incompetent commander-in-chief.  They deserve better…

RD Pierini


One thought on “Obama’s First Crack at Building A Coalition–Another Abject Failure”

  1. What a disgrace we have in the White House. This “not ready for prime time” President is a laughingstock on the world stage. He has lost any credibility and standing with the allies as he has proven he will cut and run when the going gets tough. The US troops must be wondering who is really calling the shots as the engagement rules change by the hour. We should know that the rebel forces are supported by Al Qaeda terrorists but that did not seem to matter with this misguided mission. If Obama would just take a sebattical for the rest of his term we might have reason to rejoice but with Joe Biden at the helm and Nancy Pelosi waiting in the wings we have to hope a higher power is really in charge. The American people and our troops deserve better, much better from their commander in chief than to be treated like pawns on a chess board.

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