We Now Know Who Wears the Pants in the White House–Hillary!!


First:  Looks like the only one in the White House with any Executive material is the Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Obama now sits behind two women, Hillary, then Michelle,  in that order!  Second:  For a President who was going to solidify our relations with our allies and enemies alike, Obama has proved to be lacking at both. 

New Flashes: 

On March 17th, the UN Approves Resolution to create Libyan No Fly Zone. 

Obama issues position statement on Libyan rebels and the US policy response.  NEVER HAPPENED. 

What we did see is President H. Clinton, oops, I mean Secretary of State Clinton, in front of cameras almost daily, since the rebellion started on February 15th, discussion the conditions in Libya and the US position on the internal conflict.  Then, once the UN Resolution was passed on March 17th, Hillary was back on television laying out our positions and what actions we may or may not take.  This is the first time in modern history that the President himself did not announce from the Oval Office, or some other “Presidential” location, the fact that were going to war with another nation, why we were going to war, and what our broad objectives were. 

Section 2, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution states in part that:  “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States…”  The Constitution does not state that the Secretary of State shall be the Commander-in-Chief, it is only the President who can act in that capacity.  To send our troops into harms way with only a send off by the Secretary of State is beyond comprehension and a rebuff to the United States Military and our Armed Forces deployed around the world.  Obama finally made a statement, that he plagiarized almost word for word from a George W. Bush Speech when the former President laid out the case for the invasion of Iraq FROM THE OVAL OFFICE. 

Bush Said:  American and coalition forces are in the early stages of military operations to disarm Iraq, to free its people and to defend the world from grave danger..."

Obama Plagiarized then read from the Teleprompter:  Today we are part of a broad coalition. We are answering the calls of a threatened people. And we are acting in the interests of the United States and the world..."

It is one thing to be a community organizer in Chicago and spout off to neighborhood groups that they should organize and stand up to “the man”!  It is quite another to stand before the entire World Community as arguably, the Leader of the FREE World, and give moral support to a group of rebels only to back that moral support with absolutely no real support or actions for over a month, during which time, hundreds of Libyan citizens were killed by Kadaffi.  Obama has yet to grasp that he was actually elected in 2008 and is actually the President of the United States, OR, he has no idea what the latter entails and what the World Expects out of the President of the United States!  President Sarkozy in France almost blew a gasket over the past few weeks while not so patiently waiting for a sign, indication, smoke signal or something to come out of the White House on Libya.  All he got was silence from our COMMANDER IN CHIEF and stuttering from our Secretary of State while she too tried to figure out what Obama’s position was on Libya.

I am personally not surprised by this lack of intestinal fortitude and forthrightness from this President.  He has yet to exhibit any of either of these qualities when dealing with:

  • The Egyptian Uprisings–He was weak and ambiguous to the point the “rebels” would not even bother to meet with Clinton.
  • The Saudi uprisings–What is our position on the King’s actions?  Who Knows?
  • The Bahrain Uprisings–What is our position on the King’s actions?  Who Knows?
  • The Jordanian Uprisings–What is our position on the King’s actions?  Who Knows?
  • The Iranian Uprisings–Same basic rhetoric and inaction as in Libya
  • The Tunisian Uprisings–Same basic rhetoric and inaction as in Libya
  • The U.S. Budget Crisis–Even his own party is wondering if he will ever engage in this debate.
  • The U.S. Weak Economy–Obama has played more golf rounds than he has held meetings regarding jobs since announcing that Jobs are His #1 Priority and he will not rest until this problem is solved…  hate to be his #2 priority!
  • The crisis in Japan–Bush would most like have already traveled to the region to support our staunch ally.  Obama sends the Japanese his wishes and prayer (not sure to whom he prays)
  • Obama gave into the United Nations by saying that the US was a Human Rights violator when it comes to torture and how we treat terrorist prisoners!  The prisoners at Guantanamo are live better than most of the people in their own countries.  This is to an organization whose workers rape the very people they are dispatched to assist.
  • Gas Prices–Goes on the news and basically lies about our oil production and how much he is doing to increase domestic oil production, when in fact his actions and those of his administration are the opposite.
  • The Crisis on the US Borders–Shoves Big Sis out in the public to tell us how great a job he is doing all the while we are getting law enforcement officers killed on both sides of the borders and our border residents are scared to death to sleep at night.
  • Unions vs Our Government–Obama is squarely on the side of the unions and against State and Local governments who are trying to reign in bankrupting union demands on our State and Local Governments and thus the taxpayers. 

This President does not know what or where the “moral high ground” is because he does not believe in the concept.  He is a moral relativist where basically anything goes and there are no limits, policies, or even guidelines that need to be followed to structure our world behavior.  There are good policies, bad policies, good people, bad people, good decisions, bad decisions, good actions, bad actions.  Inaction is the action “taken” by a moral relativist.  You can be killed, lose your job, lose your home, lose your liberty, through inaction by those in power as you can be from the actions of those in power. 

It is amazing that all the George W. Bush had to do was to look at Kadaffi, eye to eye, and tell him to give up his nuclear weapons program and Kadaffi did so immediately.  Obama, who is a “friend of Kadaffi’, and supported by Obama’s other friends, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan won’t even stop attacking his own people if Obama asks him too. 

Our European allies, I and now have to use that term loosely, are wondering if the U.S. slid off of the side of the earth.  They do not have any real communication with Obama himself and have no idea what his agenda is.  The Eastern Europeans are wondering if Obama will throw them back to the Russian Wolves as Obama as already pulled back on their missile defense systems. 

Israel has no illusion where Obama’s allegiances lie.  It is not with Israel!  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu has to be on 24-7 alert knowing that any military/terrorist acts by the Palestinians, the Syrians, or the Lebanese would go unnoticed by Obama.  The only time Obama speaks about Israel is anti-Israel rhetoric about the Israelis building settlements on the own lands.

If I was Taiwanese or had relatives in Taiwan, I would be extremely nervous.  All of our defense dollars are borrowed by the Taiwanese arch-enemy, China.  Do you really think Obama would defend Taiwan against the Chinese.  He would have to evacuate the Chinese Financial Advisor from the US, Timothy Geithner beforehand!

Japan is also feeling the cold winds blowing in from the West from their once staunch ally, the US.  We ignore Japan’s concerns over North Korea and we have pretty much told them that they are on their own with the earthquake and Tsunami devastation.  Not that the Japanese will need our help.  They are a proud and industrious people.

So what is the Obama Doctrine:  Here is my take so far…

  • Find a strong woman and stand behind her.
  • Make your allies your enemies and your enemies more ticked off at you.
  • Give as much money to the unions so they can give the money back to you so you can win re-election.
  • Recycle old speeches and see if they work the second, third, fourth time.
  • Go to Rio and party with Michelle…

Sidenote:  Any bets on what his gift to the soon to be royal couple in England will be?  My money is on a clone of the iPod that he gave to the Queen.  When you look up the word narcissism in the dictionary, you see the picture of Obama.  Just above that of Bill Clinton and that of Jimmy Carter…

Save R Nation–please, someone…

RD Pierini






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