California’s Brown Fires 19,000 Teachers–Wisconsin’s Walker Fires Zero Teachers

Scott Walker of Wisconsin saved the Teachers, Brown is trying to save the Union.  Walker took the unions on “mano to mano” and did not flinch and saved approximately 1,500 teacher’s jobs in Wisconsin.  Conversely Brown is willing to throw a “few” teachers under the bus so the California Teachers Association can survive.  Rather than supporting people, teachers, Brown is supporting the Unions who fund his campaigns and who he will need to back his insane tax increases via the initiative process.  Don’t expect anything but back room union politics as usual from Brown.  He was the Governor in the 1970’s that got the unions into California’s public sector employment in the first place. 

Follow the money:  Contributions made almost exclusively to progressive candidates and initiatives:

#1 Political Contributor in California:  California Teachers Association:  $211.9 Million Dollars over the past 10 years.

#2 Political Contributor in California:   California State Council of Service Employees:  $107.5 Million Dollars over the past 10 years.

Cities and counties in California are on the verge of bankruptcy and many will follow the City of Vallejo who had to file bankruptcy already.  These entities and the State need the ability to deal with their budgets without the hindrance of collective bargaining or their will not be any public employes left.  The unions must keep collective bargaining to maintain itself, not the employees.  If the unions lose the mandates for Cities, Counties, School Districts and the State to force collect their dues, how many members do you think would keep paying the union? 

The symbiotic relationship between the Unions and Brown and other Progressives is so strong that it will never be broken as long as democrats continue to dominate politics in California.  Maybe if we lay off enough public employees, those people will see what the rest of working Californians see, THIS STATE IS BROKE!

Maybe we can rent Scott Walker and the Wisconsin State legislature for a week!

RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “California’s Brown Fires 19,000 Teachers–Wisconsin’s Walker Fires Zero Teachers”

  1. California is wandering in wilderness and won’t stop until the voters wake up and kill the tax hikes and expanding state budget that will result if the proposal goes to the ballot. The voters of California are being played for the suckers they are ever since former Gov. Brown started the public union movement some 40 years ago. More than half the states are not unionized so even the late great union boss George Meany and even FDR once said that public unions are a bad idea that will lead to corruption and collusion with politicians in brokering deals at the taxpayers expense.

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