Time for A New Party! Tea Party Step UP!

Well, I thought I was watching Pelosi scheming to get one of her poison bills passed when I realized that I was watching a John Boehner led House of Representatives suspend debate and vote on a three-week Continuing resolution that did not contain the poison pill for Obamacare.  And he did this a day ahead of the scheduled vote day before he lost any more support within his own party.  54 members of the Republican caucus voted against Boehner and more would have done so if we had the time that was alloted to communicate with our representatives.  We thank the 54 Republicans who get it and understand the mood of the citizens of the US.

Regrettably I felt before the last election that we were at least three elections (6-8 years) away before we could begin to take back the country.  Why? I had no faith in the Republican elite that they would understand and support the will of the American People to take back this country and reverse the socialization and centralization of this country.  Today underscored my feelings and I am sad to say that:

  • The Tea Parties should start to create National Party now.
  • The Tea Parties have to drive to take back both houses in 2012
  • Since we will probably not be able to take the presidency, due to the vote split between the Tea Party Candidate and the Republican Party Candidate, we will have to wait for 2016 to take back the presidency.
  • Until then, we can only throw up road blocks to the continuation of the progressive agenda.
  • We will be in for a really lousy 6 years! 

Hope I am wrong and Boehner and Co. see the light.  I bet Obama calls their bluff and accepts the $61B cuts and gets Boehner to solidify this into the final budget for 2010-2011.  If so, chalk one up for Obama and take one away from the American People, AGAIN.  Obama is not worried, he was at ESPN today taping his picks for March Madness.  It is supposed to be nice in DC the rest of the week so, ANYONE FOR ANOTHER ROUND OF GOLF!

RD Pierini


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