Some Perspective on Japan’s Nuclear Woes

Do yourself and your family a big favor and stop listening 24-7 to the talking heads on TV regarding the Japanese Nuclear problems.  Your kids and grandkids can’t adequately filter this out.  Why should they be able to, the media can’t.  The media are now making themselves part of the story.  But, you need to get the facts and perspectives on what is really going on.  Is the situation serious?  Heavens yes.  Are we all going to be nuked by tomorrow morning?  Absolutely not.

Do yourselves a favor and start by reading the article that can be found at the link below.  It is not hype nor a cover up but an attempt to provide you with facts.  Then, do your own research.  Even Fox is caught up in the hysteria.  You need to focus on the facts rather than the hype or you will make yourself physically ill over worrying about this and you won’t be able to help your kids or grandkids…

Here is the link.  It does not take long to read it…

RD Pierini


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