Obama Watch Update–Guns-Corporate Taxes-Middle East and More…

Mine (ego) is This Big!

Just a quick update on the Obama-Watch!

  • Gun Control:  The President promised the left right after his SOTU address that he would come out with a stronger gun control agenda.  AP reported today that Obama said: “I know that every time we try to talk about guns, it can reinforce stark divides…”  “However, I believe that if common sense prevails, we can get beyond wedge issues and stale political debates to find a sensible, intelligent way” to make the nation “a safer, stronger place.” 
    • DUH:  Common Sense from Washington!
    • DUH:  Common Sense from this President?
    • Tuscon Connection:  Obama is using Tuscon as the backdrop for his get tough stance.  He states:  “A man our Army rejected as unfit for service; a man one of our colleges deemed too unstable for studies; a man apparently bent on violence, was able to walk into a store and buy a gun,…”  Well Obama, how about Major Nidal Malik Hasan!  He was in Obama’s Army, and Obama gave him a gun, and taught him how to use it.  Oh, I forgot, Hasan was a Muslim rather than a red-neck Christian.  That was the difference!

  • Jobs Anyone?  As soon as Japan’s government can get back in session, one of its priorities will be to CUT CORPORATE TAX RATES TO STIMULATE INVESTMENT AND BUSINESS IN JAPAN LEADING TO INCREASED EMPLOYMENT.
    • Obama must have missed that class at Harvard!
    • The US will then be the nation with the highest corporate tax rate in all of the developed countries at 39.2%!
    • Companies will invest their $$$ where they can get the highest return.  Having to pay Obama almost 40% of their net profit, is a major deterrent to corporations investing in the US and creating jobs…  Everyone else seems to get it except us!
  • Middle East:  Obama acts like the Middle East is on another Planet and the US has no strategic interest in the region.  Even our European Allies, who were supposed to be so enamored with Obama, are wondering why the U.S. is AWOL when it comes to staking out a position on what should happen in the Middle East.
    • Obama is betting on his tried and true I HOPE it will CHANGE without me having to make a decision!
    • Obama is so far schizophrenic when it comes to dealing with the Middle East:
      • Egypt:  Mubarak is a bad guy and the rebels are good guys.
      • Libya:  Kadaffi is a bad guy and the rebels are good guys.  (the white house spelling for Libya is Lybia,  too close to DubYa for them)
      • Saudi Arabia:  Monarch is good, the rebels are fanatics or something…
      • Bahrain: Monarch may be good, the rebels are fanatics or something, maybe…
      • Tunisia:  Don’t bother me, that is old news.  Besides no one has set themselves on fire there in a while.
      • Iran:  Ahmadinejad is a flake but the Ayatollahs seem like good guys.  The rebels just don’t understand that you don’t need to separate Church and State and freedom.
      • Iraq:  Obama won that war so there are not any issues.  Forget that all of the Christians have either been killed or exiles and that things are so swell that Sayyid Muqtadā al-Ṣadr is making a comeback.  Maybe we can have Iraq III, “The Empire Runs out Again”.
      • Afghanistan:  Must be fine since Obama is in charge.  I hear that burka production is on the rise in case Obama decides to bail early there and throw another country in that mix of stable Middle Eastern countries.
      • Note:  We really are stuck with a sad group of Western leaders when Obama is MIA at the golf course and we have to look up the only person trying to do something in Libya, David Cameron.  But, he is not exactly a bastion of resolve when the AP has framed his actions as follows:  “Mr Cameron signalled that he was prepared to consider a no-fly zone without a new United Nations Security Council resolution.”  Wow, how do you signal to prepare to consider?  Now that is a bold and resolute position to take.  Wait a week Dave and Obama will have 72 more holes in and their won’t be any fly zone left to say no to!

  • Obama and the Budget:  Talk about the Wrong Stuff!  This guy put up a whopping $6B in budget cuts and threw his Senate Dems out in the street to fight it out with the Wussy Republicans. 
    • Watching Obama, the Senate Dems, and the Republicans “fight” it out on the budget is something like a fight between three girls in a 7th grade gym class. 
    • The Titanic is sinking and Obama called for the Orchestra to play on the deck as the ship sank!

Oh well, this could turn into a Michener novel but that would be counter-productive. 

Have a good evening…

RD Pierini


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