Obama Can’t Spell Libya (He thinks it is Lybia)

Tweet before the WH Corrected the Spelling Error...

The Obama White House today tweeted “The President Speaks out on Lybia, watch Live” with the link.  The only problem was that the WH mispelled the name of the actual country, Libya.  I assume this was a mistake for two reasons.  One, they corrected it after it was discovered by the vast right wing conspiracy (aka VRWC), and second, he spoke on the turmoil in Libya and not about a species of crab named Lybia.  Maybe is was freudian, the word LYBIA refers to a species of crab, specifically the boxer or boxing crab.  This crab also serves as the host to sea anemones.  The anemones grow on the legs of the crabs and protect the crab while the anemones have a safe ride to new sources of food and mating.  Something like Kadaffi’s relationship with the U.S..  Obama kind of wraps his arms around Libya’s “legs” and feeds off of their ties to the Islamic World.  I’ll leave the mating analogy to your own imagination… 

Where is “W” when you need him to help out his successor spell the name of one of the country that has been in the headlines for the past 2 weeks!   If “W”, or his staff,  had sent a tweet and misspelled the name of a country, the entire media complex would drag out Dan Quail  (oops, I meant Dan Quayle) and bash them both as illiterate and incompetent.  I am surprised that Chris Matthews has not suggested that Libya change its name to LYBIA since Obama cannot make mistakes and this must be a screw up by Rand McNally!

So much for an objective media…and…the infalibility of Obama…

RD Pierini


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