We are worrying about being Fat while the World Goes Up In Smoke

The headlines on most news sites this week are truly bizarre.  Here are a few:

World Going up in Smoke:

  • “Oil at two-year high as Libya on edge of civil war”
  • “Hundreds back Facebook call for Saudi protest”
  • “Gaddafi’s Next Move: Sabotage Oil and Sow Chaos?”
  • Democrat urges unions to ‘get a little bloody when necessary'”


  • “America’s Portly Pet Problem”
  • “Obesity gene may up dementia risk” 

A Little of Both:


I guess if one or the other of these headline groups, Worldwide Anarchy or Eating ourselves to death, may result at the same place.  We are goners!  The irony is that both are primarily food based.  The plethora of protests started as a revolt against climbing food prices, due to our monetary and agricultural policies, and the latter by our eating too much food and the wrong food and also sharing them with our pets!  So, let just quit eating and the problems will be solved!  That is what a government study would conclude!

In the midst of all of this chaos, the world citizens are looking for direction and leadership.  The US President appears weak and confused; European Leaders have been virtually silent; so there is a leadership void in the world at large.  This is the same environment that was present when Hitler was “created”.  During his ascendency, Hitler was admired by many prominent Americans and Europeans alike at the time.  In the absence of world leadership, people will become insecure and seek solace in almost anyone who provides even the hint of safety and leadership for the people.  The new leader(s) may also break along geopolitical lines.  Islamic Peoples may seek a world Islamic Leader to look up to for guidance.  Western Peoples may cede their liberty for a leader promising to re-establish the West’s dominance or pander to some other emotional need of Western Peoples.  China and Russia will tightly control their citizens so may be subject to some unrest but it is doubtful that any serious uprising would occur in either nation.  In short, we would potential end up with a world that is dominated by three groups:  Islamic World Movement; Western Isolationist; China/Russia Coalition. 

The trilateral power shift would pit three ideological giants against each other and there is no common thread between them.  During the Cold War, we relied on Mutually Assured Destruction to keep Russia from attacking the US.  The Islamic movement does not believe that they would be defeated and that suicide missions are justified by their belief structure.  Russia and China would try to play the West against the Islamic group and visa versa.  Ultimately they would be seen as the enemy of the Islamic group but that would only be after the West was subjugated. 

My suggestion to the U.S. would be to forget about obesity for a while and concentrate on rebuilding the West and Man-UP so we have a leadership model we can all look up to.  Europe needs to stand up to Obama and tell him what they really think.  European leaders do not agree with Obama’s fiscal, Islamic or unilateral disarmament positions.  They need to make their concerns vocal before it is too late.  China and Russia will not fight against a strong US but will seek to devour a weak US.  A weak US will allow the Islamic Movement to spread rapidly throughout the world and even to overtake the US.   

Time to wake up and take control…

RD Pierini










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