Worldwide Protests, Coincidence or Common Interests, Coincidence or Collusion?

Obama Supports Pro Islamic Forces--Disses US Governor

Auric Goldfinger once said, Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”. 

Emma Bull wrote, Coincidence is the word we use when we can’t see the levers and pulleys.” 

Wisconsin has become yet another cog in the wheel of protests that are piggy-backing on the back of the protests in Tunisia and Egypt.  The difference is that the Wisconsin protest movement is about getting Obama re-elected in 2012.  If he loses the public sector union $$$’s, he and the democrat party is in deep trouble.

In the past month, civil unrest and massive protests have broken out against Middle Eastern, Secular governments in, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Yemen, Morocco, Bahrain; In the Islamic Republic; In the Communist Nation of China; and in the United States in the State of Wisconsin.  Is there a common thread in these four groups of protests or was the growth of the protests fed by earlier perceived gains in Tunisia and Egypt?    Unless you subscribe to a high degree of conspiracy theory, the likelihood that these protests shared a common interest is a stretch.  But, the success of the protests in Tunisia and Egypt more than likely was the catalyst for the spread of the protests in other countries. 

But, the collusion did begin during the unrest in Tunisia and Egypt.  In the secular led Arab Nations’ protests, the global Islamic Movement jumped on board immediately.  They were emboldened by a lack of global concern over the radical elements that are embodied in the Muslim Brotherhood and the lack of support by Western Nations for the secular leaders.  The overt condemnation by Obama of Mubarak and Ben Ali sent the signal that the US would not intervene on behalf of the governments.  The Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s radical surrogates, Hezbollah, Hamas, and others were unleashed to not only join in the initial two protests, but to spread the protests to the rest of the secular Arab nations.  The initial success of the Tunisian and Egyptian protests emboldened global Islamists (which is all believers in Islam per the Quran) and in lest than two weeks spread the unrest to 8 other Arab Nations.

The uprising in Iran was spearheaded by the same pro-democracy group that was squashed by Iran last year.  They two were emboldened by the successes in Tunisia and Egypt but they did not read the West correctly.  The protesters in Iran thought that our Administration’s approval of the protesters in Tunisia and Egypt was due to their love for democracy.  They did not realize that the goal was to start the ball rolling down the hill to create Islamic Republics in all 8 nations, like in Iran.  Our protests to the Iranian Government’s brutality was almost non-existent.  As a result, the protestors were hung or brutalized and Obama turned a blind eye.

The uprising in China was also a result of over exuberance of its citizens about the successes of the Tunisian and Egyptian protests and once again the protestors did not understand that Obama would not intervene against the Chinese Government.  They probably did not realize that Obama had the Secretary of Treasury Geithner relax SEC rules and allow the Chinese Government to invest $1.2B in Morgan Stanley!  Why would Obama then get in bed with the protestors!

Finally we come to Wisconsin.  Once again the success of the Middle Eastern protestors gave the Obama Administration, the Democratic National Committee, and the public sector unions, the false sense that the American Public would rise up against the Governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, and the governor’s push to limit the public sector union’s collective bargaining breadth and make the public sector employees pay more of their own healthcare and pension costs.  Obama’s own political action group, “Organizing for America” was unleashed to organize the protest in Wisconsin.  The protest has the explicit blessing of the President of the United States of America!  Obama accused the Governor of creating an  “assault” on unions in pushing emergency legislation that would change future collective-bargaining agreements that affect most public employees, including teachers.  The President’s role is to enforce Federal Law such as Taft-Hartley and other labor law rather than interjecting his own political bias into a governance issues within one of the 50 sovereign States.  Obama assaulted Walker faster than Obama chastised Mubarak, Ben Ali, and other Arab leaders who were resisting the protestors in their own sovereign nations. 

Governor Walker deserves the support of the President of the United States in all local State matters.  If Obama disagrees with the governor, he should do so “off-line” and not abet and support the unlawful, virtual strike, by public sector employees.  Even worse, use his political arm to virtually riot against a sovereign state’s top official.  This is a sad time in America and an era that will not soon be forgotten. 

Obama and the Democrat party rely on public sector union contributions and “free” labor in their campaigns.  They make sure they unions are funded and supported so thye unions can turn around and support the Democrat goals.  This is a true perversion of democracy.  In a democracy, you don’t have your opponent, the conservative taxpayer, fund your bribes to unions in return for their support and votes.

Carter went down as a failed President.  Obama will go down as a failed activist, progressive who was mistakenly elected President. 

May God protect and keep safe the protestors, counter-protestors, and government officials in Wisconsin.  Most of the former are mere dupes of this administration and their union servile dependents.

RD Pierini

Auric Goldfinger:

Emma Bull:


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