House Republicans Fail to Keep Their Promise on $22B Cuts

We used to joke about baseball players who could hit every batting practice pitch out of the park or pitchers throwing in the bull pen throwing flames and looked virtually “unhittable”.  But, when the game started and they had to CROSS THE LINE INTO ARENA OF THE GAME, they became average to below average players.  This phenomena also infects politicians. 

Yesterday the House Republicans “wimped out” on roughly $22B in additional spending cuts while stating some anemic reasons for voting against the cuts.  My message to these house republicans, including House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (Va.) and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (Calif.) who voted against the addition cuts, remember two numbers, 4 and 20.  Each month add one to the first number and subtract one from the second.  The first number is to remind you how long it has been since the November 2010 elections that swept you in and the second is how long you have left before the November 2012 elections when you will get thrown out if you don’t start asserting budget leadership. 

Another California spineless Republican, Dan Lungren, said he voted against the cuts because they would “paralyze the U.S. Capitol Police”.  WOW.  We are losing our local fire and police protection everyday due to local budget problems every day and you are worried about your Capital Police?  How about your fresh towels in your multi-million dollar gym; or your multi-million dollar Congressional Cafeteria; or your generous office and travel allowances; or your multi-million dollar, 24-7, healthcare center in the Capital?  If you did not want to cut this $22B, why didn’t you have an alternative $22B in cuts?  Do you really expect your constituents to believe that you could not find a measly $22B to cut somewhere?  At least Obama thinks big.  He proposed spending $53B on an inane rail system. 

Republicans in Congress and you Republican Elitist in Washington, we are watching.  If you don’t want the Tea Party to Split off into a another political party then you better grow a set!  This includes the Bush Family machine.  Obama or the Senate will surely force the Continuing Resolution to defeat and force a government shutdown.  That would be a great time to show that you have a spine and are committed to fiscal responsibility. Your constituents are living the horror of this economy every day and will not forget in 2012. 


RD Pierini


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