Obama Abandons His Presidency to Lead the Labor Union Unrest in the U.S.

If anyone doubted where Obama stood relative to his position as President of the U.S. versus his role as a community organizer, you need look no farther than Wisconsin and soon Ohio.  Obama was elected as the head of our Republic as its PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  The U.S.A. is a Republic meaning that the people, not the unions, tea parties,  or any other single group of people, have retained “supreme or extraordinary control over THEIR government.”  The very word, Republic was taken from the latin phrase “res publica” meaning “a public affair”.  The name of our country was carefully chosen and the words have meaning.  The portion of its name, “United States”, means that our nation is comprised of a group of sovereign entities, STATES, that have chosen to UNITE together under a common national identity.  Therefore, its chief executive, is responsible to execute only those laws approved by its people, and supported COLLECTIVELY by the sovereign States. 

The President of the United States has a sworn duty to uphold the Constitution regardless of his or her allegiance to other organizations such as unions, tea parties, etc..  When a Governor of a Sovereign State, or the Peoples of one or more of the Sovereign States, acts or creates laws that are lawful in their own State nor is Unconstitutional at the Federal Level, then the Chief Executive of the U.S. is bound to support that Governor and/or the Peoples of the State. 


Obama is not only acting unlawfully by not supporting the actions of Governor Scott Walker, Obama is unlawfully complicit in the protests by allowing the Democratic National Committee’s “Organizing for America” group to co-sponsor and co-organize the protests in Wisconsin.  Obama has publicly taken the side of the public sector unions over a sovereign state.  We have State and Federal laws on the books to address any redress by the unions or their members and the President should be encouraging the rule of law rather than mob rule. 

Obama chides Governor Walker for not talking to the unions while he has yet to sit down in good faith and work out the disputes, many, with the State of Arizona. 

Other Unlawful Activities:

Obama has ignored a Federal Court’s Injunctions against his drilling moratorium; Obama has ignored a Federal Court’s ruling that Obamacare is Unconstitutional and is proceeding with its implementation; if Congress fails to give him what he wants in terms of legislation, he uses executive orders or administrative fiats to ram through his personal desires on items such as Cap and Trade, Control over the Internet, Federal Land grabs, and others.

Obama’s abdication of his faithful execution of the oath of the Presidency is becoming his policy.  But now that he so nakedly sided with labor unions over our own Sovereign States, he is setting up a very dangerous powder keg.  At some point, if the Executive Branch of the Federal Government is operation clearly outside of the law, it is the right and the duty of the states and their citizens to resist.  Obama is skirting close to abetting lawful disobedience and he must tell the Organizing for America group, SEIU, and the other public sector unions to stand down, now.

Message to Governor Walker; fire any teacher walking off of their job and not showing up for work.  You have their faces on television so as the Chief Executive of Wisconsin, you have the duty to protect your citizens against this unlawful activity as Reagan did with the Air Traffic Controllers.  Send a physician to each school and have each teacher who called in sick report to the school and be examined by the physician.  If they are able to work, they either have to report to the classroom or resign. 

We are sending a horrible message to our children and grandchildren that unlawful activities are OK.

RD Pierini

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