Why Does the Press Think That Students Who Protest Have a Clue about Anything?

Still Only a Community Organizer

An article in TheNation.Com today regarding the Wisconsin Protests cited a Teachers Assistants Assoc. official as saying: “While students haven’t been the source of this protest, they have definitely been the soul of this protest,”.  When interviewed on the street today, most of the “soulful” youths did not even know why they were there.  Even if they did, they don’t matter.  They are under 18 and cannot vote nor are they taxpayers.  Unfortunately they are pawns of the press and Obama’s “Organizing for America” community organization designed to get him re-elected and firmly entrench unions in the public sector arenas such as teachers, policy, fire and administrative workers. 

Returning to the obsession of the Left and the Press, which are one and the same, with Youth in Protests or Revolutions, it is hard to understand why they get all tearful when a bunch of students join a crowd in protest of anything.  We used to do it when I was in college for a beer!  I can honestly say that when I was between the ages of 16 and 26, I truly did not understand the world and the morons we admired.  We thought the press was the last bastion of truth; that our president (Kennedy) had exemplary morals and was truly a man of the people (before I knew about Marilyn);  and that the nasty Republicans got us into Vietnam and that it was the Republican support of the weapons manufacturers that kept us in the war (Before I realized that Kennedy got us into the actually fighting in Vietnam and Johnson made sure we stayed there); and finally, that the bad Republicans hated the negroes (1960’s vernacular) and did not want to pass the Civil Rights Act so they could use the white rest rooms (Until I found out it was Republican who actually got the bill passed over Democrat objections).  All the while we grew our beards, smelled bad, and would march at a drop of the hat against the “man”. 

Even in Egypt, the press cited student revolt as the key to revolution even though it was clear that the protests were way to organized and persistent to be a group of students.  Students in Egypt have a much better life style than the average $2.00/Day Egyptian.  To think that they were the hotbed of revolt just did not add up.  How come if student revolts work so well and are so morally grounded, that they have not worked ever in Iran?  Oh, except when the students threw out the Shah of Iran. (Not really, it was the Muslim Clerics who seized power).  Could it be that we, Obama did not want the students in Iran to succeed?

In Wisconsin, the protest are clearly well-organized and staged which is beyond the abilities of university students let alone high school juniors and seniors.  Obama’s own Organizing for America is the ring leader for the protests which really begs the question, whose side is our President on, the Nation and its Sovereign States or unions?  Hint, (Unions)!  Is this really the role of a U.S. President while we are in the midst of a recession and States are fighting to control their budgets?  Obama is no longer some wide-eyed Illinois community organizer, he is the President of the United States.  It is time for him to either assume the role in earnest or leave office.  He is disgracing the very essence of the Presidency by his own actions and is dividing this nation in a way that we have never witnessed.  It is difficult to listen to him speak any more as it has become impossible to believe anything he says.  I only want to hear two words from him now, “I Quit”.

RD Pierini




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