Obama Doctrine Cornerstone: Abandon Israel and Side with the Islamists

The U.S. is siding with the Arab League against our only democratic ally in the Middle East, Israel, (Iraq’s level of democracy is yet to be confirmed by time) by condemning the Israeli’s right to continue to develop settlements on LANDS THAT ARE PART OF THE NATION OF ISRAEL.   Assume that there is a county in norther Maine that Canada believed really belonged to Canada and was disputing our sovereignty over the county.  Assume this was part of a negotiation between the U.S. and Canada where Canada refused to talk to us or recognize our right to even exist.  Would we expect this county in Maine to stop all housing and other development on its own land.  OF COURSE NOT!

The Obama Doctrine is unfolding rapidly.  Their steadfast support of revolutions in Arab Nations that target the overthrow of secular governments with the goal of converting these nations to Islamic Republics is apparent.  Their lack of support for the revolution in Iran against the Islamic Regime is also apparent.  The language that Obama is submitting to the U.N. is: “(U.N. Security Council) …does not accept the legitimacy of continued Israeli settlement activity,”.  Wow, so we do not accept the legitimacy of Israel’s sovereignty over their own lands? 

This is not only a policy of Biblical Suicide but one that supports and inflames anti-Semitic rancor in this region and emboldens the Islamic Radical movement.  This will become the recruiting cry for the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Hamas.  They will see Israel as vulnerable and push for their ultimate goal to annihilate the nation and the Jewish Peoples of Israel.

Nice Job Obama…  Your are signing the death warrant of an allied nation. 

RD Pierini




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