The Final Nails in America’s Coffin-Obama’s Abdication to the UN

There have been a string of national and international events that are starting to coalesce into the Left’s Plan to destroy the standing of the U.S. in the world.  This is a sick ideology backed by people who truly hate this country, its founders, and what this country has stood for since the declaration of independence some 235 years ago.  These people have been patiently waiting for their openings to interject viruses into this nation that will eventually destroy the very fabric of this nation and reduce this nation to mediocre status.  The plan is backed and supported by the mainstream media which is why you may not have even heard of some of the following events.

  • U.S. and global Recession:  You are aware now of the systematic meddling by Presidents and Congresses to create banking, stock market and housing bubbles that burst leaving the average U.S. Citizen reeling in confusion, disorientation, and dismay at the economic position we find ourselves in 2011.
  • You may or may not be aware that this President has amassed a national debt of over $14 Trillion Dollars and continues to propose additional deficit spending so that soon we may be spending at a level above our gross domestic product, GDP.
  • You may or may not be aware that the Federal Reserve, who is supposed to be maintaining stability in our currency and our economic strength around the world, has been printing over $3 Trillion Dollars and buying the U.S. debt; investing (giving free money) in U.S. and World Banks at modest or zero interest;  investing in the stock market; investing in foreign companies; buying gold; with the end result being the creation of even more bubbles founded on printed money that has no value base whatsoever. 
  • The President and the last Congress passed legislation and raised bank reserve limits to the point that in another year or so there will be very few small and medium size regional banks and the U.S, Banking industry will be controlled by Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, along with Credit Suisse. 
  • What you probably do not know is that Obama is negotiating with these same banks, Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Credit Suisse so that they can take over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  This deal will probably be structured like Obama and Geithner did with these same banks buying out all of the banks that were “Failing”.  The banks will assume the assets and very little of the liability.  This will be a multi-trillion dollar gift from Obama to the fat cats on Wall Street that he always bad-mouths.  
  • What you may not realize is that the START treaty with Russia is the start of dismantling or making ineffective our missile defense system that Ronald Reagan started in the 1980’s and what will ultimately be the only thing standing between us and nuclear Annihilation.
  • What you probably do not know is the International Monetary Fund is proposing that the U.S. Dollar be replaced as the standard for international trade and replaced by what they call ‘SPECIAL DRAWING RIGHTS’ or SDRs.  In short, the U.S. economy would once again be at the mercy of foreign interests who could manipulate our economy at will. 
  • What you probably have not heard on the nightly news is that the World Bank, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund and our Secretary of the Treasury, Tim Geithner, is proposing the creation of a new WORLD CURRENCY TO REPLACE THE U.S. DOLLAR.
  • What you probably have not heard is that Obama is sending out his U.N. Ambassador, Susan Rice, to start telling you how great the U.N. is at protecting U.S. national interests and how great a return on our tax dollar investment we get from the U.N..  Rice will also be charged with convincing you to invest, give more money and sovereignty to the United Nations…
  • You probably watched the events unfold in Egypt over the past 3 weeks.  You saw the media shape the Egyptian President Mubarak as a dictator and tyrant.  You saw the President supporting the protestors and praising the rise of the people over oppression.  The question the media did not ask is why did Obama not back the uprising in Iran, an Islamist State but did against a secular state, Iran?  This administration is bent on converting the entire Middle East to Islamic States like Iran.
  • You probably did not know that the Islamist are taking over Iraq and expelling Christians are just killing them outright.  Their goal is to purify the country and make it 100% Islamic.  Is this what we fought for?  Is this what our goal was after 9-11 to create another Islamic Republic in Iran?
  • What you may not know is that Obama is ignoring a Federal Judge who has order Obama and the Secretary of Interior to cease to enforce their drilling and exploration moratorium for oil and gas in the U.S..  They are in contempt of court and don’t care!
  • What you may not realize is that when the Federal Judge declared the Obamacare law unconstitutional, then the law was unconstitutional and further implementation should be stopped immediately.  Obama is ignoring this court as well and going ahead with the implementation of Obamacare in violation of a court order.
  • The bottom line is that Obama will implement the Leftist policies in defiance of the American People, the American Jurisprudence System, and Congress to ensure that the U.S. is systematically destroyed. 

What has made the United States the strongest and most respected nation on this earth?

  • Our Stong Economy
  • Our Strong Military
  • Respect of our Power and Influence by our Enemies
  • Our Stong Non Imperialistic Foreign Policy
  • World Confidence In the U.S. Economy and the Value of the Dollar.
  • World Confidence in our Integrity as a Nation
  • Our Committment to World Freedom and Peace
  • Our Committment to Protecting our Allies

The Obama Doctrine that I have defined includes the following key elements:

  1. Weaken the U.S. Economy so that the U.S. is not the dominant economic force in the world.
  2. Weaken our Military so we be equal to or less than the combined might of our potential enemies including Russia, China, Islamic Regimes, and pullet regimes such as North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and others.
  3. Weaken our Power and Influence around the world so that our enemies do not fear or respect us.
  4. Create a confused Foreign Policy that is based on Political Expediency so no one around the world understands what the U.S. stands for or what it believes to be in its Strategic Self Interest.
  5. Destroy the U.S. economy by creating a huge national debt burden and drive the value of the dollar down so the world will seek an alternative to the U.S. Dollar being the International Standard.
  6. Destroy how other nations perceive us by constantly denigrating this nation’s accomplishments and apologizing to even our enemies who have harmed the U.S. in an unprovoked manner.
  7. Send mix signals as to what our policy is regarding the spread of freedom and peace around the world.  Politically downplay the rights of citizens of Islamic Regimes to overthrow their government while supporting the overthrow of Secular Regimes where Islamic Influence is strong.
  8. Confuse our allies by backing down on missile defense systems to protect our allies; make agreements with our potential enemies like the START treaty where our allies could be left vulnerable to the benefit of our enemies; not taking a strong stance against nuclear proliferation as long as the offending nation is pro-Islamic.

The Leftist Progressive Agenda is trying to establish:

  • One World Government under the U.N.
  • The World Bank would be the Global Federal Reserve where all other countries’ Central Banks would be subservient to.
  • Establish a Global Currency and do away with all local currencies.
  • Total nuclear and eventually tactical weapon disarmament except for the U.N. Forces
  • Total abolition of weapon ownership by global citizens.
  • All taxes would be collected by the U.N. and given to countries on a need basis to equalize world wealth.

Get the picture?  Do you think this is far-fetched?  I’ll bet you your next paycheck that before 12/31/2011, you will see:

  • A new Global Stock Exchange that absorbs Wall Street and other major exchanges.
  • A new Global “Drawing Currency” that replaced the U.S. Dollar as the mainstay for International Trade.
  • A renewed U.S. committment in both dollars and abdication of sovereignty to the United Nations.
  • At least Jordan or Tunisia or another moderate secular Middle East or African nation falls to Islamic Radicals.

By 12/31/2012, who knows if this goes unchecked!

How do we stop this madness?  Let’s take a lesson from Egypt.  MARCH!  MARCH!  MARCH!

The Tea Parties or whoever has to stop this government and its lawlessness now through massive protests in Washington and other major cities.  2012 is too far away.  We could lose Jordan and Tunisia in the interim as well as lose are ability to survive when the Middle East Oil is cut off from the west.  One moron on one of mainstream media shows said the other day that we are not dependent on the Middle East oil as most of our comes from Venezuela (a communist country who hates the U.S. but loves Obama), Canada, and Mexico.  What this moron failed to realize is that oil is a globally traded commodity.  If it is $200/barrel, nor matter who we buy it from, it will destroy this country’s industrial complex.  You don’t like $4.00/gallon gas, how about $10.00. 

The media is saying Obama is moving to the center.  Even the RINOs in Congress are echoing this chat.  No he isn’t, his TELEPROMPTER IS.  His feet are still moving Left while he is making great speeches talking about understanding the last election and hearing the American Public.  If you fall for this crap again, we are done, period!

Maybe if we don’t try to save ourselves, Europe and Japan will step in and save us.  After all, it is there turn!

RD Pierini


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