Russia uses START Treaty to Blackmail the U.S. into Sharing Defence Shield Design

Well who would NOT have guessed that this administration would be hoodwinked by the Russians regarding the new START treaty and our implementation of our Missile Defence Shield.  The Russians are now threatening to pull out of the new treaty if we implement our missile defense system and not share that technology with them.  How appropriate though, on the 100 Anniversary of the Birth of Ronald Reagan that the 40th President’s dream of creating a “Star Wars” type of defence shield for the U.S. has become a reality but how sad it is that we elected the current President who will most like give into the Russians and turn over our technology to the Russians.  A defence shield is only good if it can remain effected as a DEFENSE!  If others with offensive weapons have access to the design and operational components of the defence mechanism, how long would it be before they engineer around our defence shield? 

But what the heck, we have only spent billions on building our defense shield for ourselves and our allies so why not give it away to our adversaries.  How long would it take Russia and China to give those same secrets away to Iran, North Korea, Pakistan and other nuclear nations once we hand over the keys to the kingdom to them?  And even more importantly, why has Obama stopped our deployment of our own defense shield in the US?  What do our allies in Europe and Asia think about our current posture and predicament?  Where is the open transparency and good will build up with our allies that Obama promised as a candidate.  Where is Bush when you need him?

Maybe we should just go the United Nations right now and surrender.  That may be preferrable to the systematic slow death this administration has planned for the U.S..

RD Pierini


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