Obama, What if Mubarak Survives?

The adolescent President Barack Obama forgot to consider one possibility with regards to Egypt, “What of Mubarak Survives the Protests?”  Obama’s call for Mubarak to immediately, or soon, or eventually or whenever, stepdown may be going up with the smoke that was once in the streets of Egyptian cities last week.  Today the streets of Cairo were crowded as usual with the 2,000,000 plus “commuters” returning to Cairo causing traffic jams and congestion, AS USUAL.  Mubarak’s bargaining chip with his people was a 15% increase in pay for government workers who comprise a large percentage of the paid workforce.  Not sure if that means Baksheesh (kind of like sanctioned bribes to officials) will also go up according but my assumption is that it will.  As time goes on, and Mubarak is able to solidifiy his position, inspite of protestations to the contrary by the Muslim Brotherhood, Obama’s influence over Egypt and with anyone else we once considered as allies goes up in smoke as well. 

Obama took a risk you take if you only know the outcome ahead of time.  He litterally may have committed international geopolitical suicide with our credibility around the world.  The radical Muslims will despise Obama for not interferring even more directly to take down Mubarak and install the Muslim Brotherhood in his place;  Europeans will see Obama as weak, indecisive, and naive when it comes to international affairs (DUH!), and the rest of the world will see this as an affirmation of their lack of trust of the US.  When the chips are down we bail!

Thank you Mr. President for once again putting your mouth where it should not be and making a mockery out of the US.  Your words sound good but the lack of thought behind those words is truly astonishing…

RD Pierini



One thought on “Obama, What if Mubarak Survives?”

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