Happy Birthday President Reagan–Sarah’s Tribute–Ron Jrs Continued Petulance

True Conservatives

We all wish the Reagan family the best on this the 100th Anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan, our 40th president and the 33rd governor of my state, California.  We also thank our creator that he brought us a truly great leader at a time when this country was still reeling from the aftermath of Vietnam,  Watergate and was in the midst of the Carter Malaise.  A leader driven by principle and strengthened by his love and belief in God.  Thank you Mr. President for your courage, your leadership, and for showing us that the by governing by principle, decisions are easy and second guessing futile. 

The dichotomy:  Ron Reagan on the Left and Sarah Palin on the Right:

Ron Reagan persists in his unbridled animus and jealousy towards his father, Ronald Reagan.  The junior Reagan publishes a book on the eve of his Father’s 100 Birthday that is a continuation of his attempts to belittle and detract from his father’s life and legacy.  The book was also published at the same time as junior’s brother’s book hit the bookshelves.  Michael Reagan, an adopted son, has shown nothing but admiration, support and awe of his father while the natural son shows disdain and contempt.  Message to Ron Reagan Jr.:  Go to a shrink and get over your hateful obsession of your father OR keep your opinions to yourself.  We do not care what a pathetic hate filled offspring, who has accomplished little to nothing in his own life, thinks or feels about a man who will go down as one of the most insightful, principled leaders of the United States and the Free World.   

Sarah Palin represents the “Contra-Ron-Reagan” and her tribute to the life and leadership of Ronald Reagan was spot on.  Her admiration and respect for the 40th President is a stark contrast to Ron Reagan’s disdain and lack respect of his father’s accomplishments.  Palin’s portrayal of Reagan’s 1964 speech, “A Time for Choosing”, was accurate and depicted the President’s principled beliefs in small government, low taxes, and a strong national security.  Ron Reagan did not try nor ever understand his father’s principled positions so he will never understand Sarah Palin who shares the same visions and principles as our former President.

Happy Birthday Mr. President and a heartfelt thanks to Sarah Palin for speaking so eloquently on his behalf.

RD Pierini. 






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