Illegal Immigrants Can’t Date? That is our Fault? The New “Cross Status” Dating Term

An AP writer, Amy Paxton, wrote one of the WORST defences for the Dream Act ever written entitled, “Illegal immigrant students grapple with US dating“, that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News on January 16th, 2011.  (There is a link to the article at the bottom of this page if you care to read the whole article.)  The premise of the article was that the children of illegal immigrants can’t enjoy a normal dating life as their legal status stands in the way for them to obtain drivers licenses, passports, etc. that are needed to drink in bars; take trips to Alaska, and other essential activities.  There is even a new term to describe the dating of a citizen and an illegal immigrant, it is called, “cross-status” dating.  I am sure there will soon be bills introduced in Congress and State legislatures condoning, fostering, and protecting those engaged in cross status dating and maybe even a new hate-crime category for bar tenders refusing to serve drinks to the cross status illegals.

The Left is blaming Congress’s failure to pass the DREAM ACT for the continued harassment of these illegals rather than the real culprit, THEIR PARENTS WHO IMMIGRATED TO THE U.S. ILLEGALLY.  The Left fails to understand every time they blame US Citizens or Republicans or the weather for our lack of compassion for the plight of illegal immigrants, they drive a wedge between the citizens and the illegal aliens.  At some point IF the Left finally gets it and starts to assign responsibility for the current illegal immigration problems to those who created an idiotic immigration system (Congress and several Administrations) and the ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS THEMSELVES, maybe we can start to fix the problem.  Until then, with STATE after STATE going BANKRUPT, and simultaneously diverting billions of dollars of taxpayer money to support illegal immigrants, the citizens of the U.S. will continue to have to take a hard-line against illegal immigration and those who are here illegally.  Our citizens do not have any real advocates to support them in their quest for a sound immigration policy; improved federal and state cooperation, and a secure border.  Until then, Amy and others on the Left should rethink their failed strategy.  We are tired of being made to feel guilty about something we did not create while going broke supporting YOUR Failed Agenda!

RD Pierini


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