The Real Meeting Between Hu and Obama! Who?

This is too funny to share and probably more closely mirrors reality of the meeting between Hu of China and Obama.  Thanks to Fred for sending this to me and many thanks to Andy Borowitz for his humor in the face of who knows what.  Follow Andy on Twitter here.!

Hu Presents Obama with Counterfeit DVD of Toy Story 3
Raises Eyebrows in White House Appearance


WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report) – In a moving White House ceremony today, President Hu Jintao of China presented US President Barack Obama with a counterfeit DVD of the Hollywood blockbuster Toy Story 3.

Mr. Hu raised eyebrows at several points of his official speech, especially when he repeatedly addressed the American people as “my subjects.”

But the Chinese president ended his speech on an upbeat note about the relationship between the two countries: “In conclusion, America owes me the first month’s rent and the security deposit.”

Speaking to the press, Mr. Hu noted the historic nature of his meeting with President Obama: “It was the first time I’d met a Nobel Peace Prize winner who wasn’t in prison.”

Mr. Obama told reporters that he hoped to speak to Mr. Hu about China’s human rights record, but said, “To be honest, we’ve got as much leverage with China as a guy who’s three months late on his car payments has with the repo man.”

Meanwhile, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg took advantage of Mr. Hu being out of the country to friend 1.3 billion Chinese.

RD Pierini

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2 thoughts on “The Real Meeting Between Hu and Obama! Who?”

  1. MINNEAPOLIS The Borowitz Report — In her official tea party.response to President Obamas State of the Union address Rep. But the Minnesota congresswoman offered her own.explanation I was looking off to one side because I was trying off Sarah Palins hand. …In Washington House Speaker John Boehner held a press conference.after the presidents speech to declare This infernal week of.civility is officially over. He added The American people owe its.representatives a huge debt of thanks. Joe Wilson R-S.C. who.famously shouted You lie! during President Obamas congressional.address in 2009.

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