Washington Does Not Get it-Turning the State of the Union into a Kindergarten Class

Unemployment is over 10%; Underemployment is reaching 20%; The National Debt is over $14 Trillion Dollars; Venezuela just bought 1,600 Missiles from Russia; Iran now has nuclear capabilities; Oil Prices are spiking at $100/barrel; and Inflation pressure on food and fuel is on the rise. 

What is Congress doing?  They are going to all sit together, Republicans and Democrats, in a show of unity and bipartisanship!!!

What a load of Horse Pucky!

They should be in the trenches, fighting every single minute to get this government out-of-the-way of the private sector so we can all get back to work.  They should be in the trenches cutting every single penny out of the budget that they can.  They should be insuring that our border security and our national security is the highest priority of this administration.  They should be rolling back all of the ridiculous regulations that only serve to grow government and make the US less competitive globally.  In short, they should do what they were elected to do!

Instead, they are going to pass out Graham Crackers and Milk and have Democrats and Republicans sit together at the upcoming State of the Union.  WOW, I am really impressed. 

We all know what the state of the union is.  It is Crap! 

Start there and start doing your job or we will find people who can.  Save your window dressing for your retirement dinner.

RD Pierini


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