Poor Schwarzenegger, he “gave” up $200M to be Gov, He cost US $50B!

The “Gov” is crying in his milk complaining about HIS sacrifice for taking time off from his marginal career as an “actor” to become the Governor of the once Great State of California.  He also cries about the time away from his family and the sacrifices he has made on OUR behalf.  REALLY?  The Terminator TERMINATED our future and the future of California by driving up our debt by $5 Billion PER YEAR HE WAS IN OFFICE.  When he first took office in 2003, he said:

“Needless to say, the elephant in the room in California’s economy is the irresponsible operating deficit and the massive debt that this government has allowed California to incur.”

Well Arnie, you took care of that “massive” debt.  You Tripled it… 

Next time you decide to do US a favor and sacrifice your career for public service, D O N ‘ T!  We cannot afford your SACRIFICE!

RD Pierini




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