The Tale of Two Tuscon Tragedies

In our Thoughts and PrayersThe two tragedies; 

  • One, the shootings and their impact on those individuals, their families, and their friends, as well as the Tuscon community at large.
  • Two, the rally and circus like atmosphere that engulfed the McKale Memorial Arena without regard for those who were in mourning or recovering from the tragic events at the Safeway Store last Saturday.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those victims that were fatally wounded by Jared Loughner as well as to those who were wounded during the shootings.  This event was a tragedy in every sense and also senseless in every sense. 

Our apologies, thoughts and prayers also go out to the victims and families as well for the circus like atmosphere that engulfed the “Memorial” Service at the University of Arizona.

The latter tragedy could have, and should have been avoided at all costs.  A memorial for the deceased and those injured in a tragic event should be solemn and reflect on the gravity of the situation.  Instead, T-Shirts were passed out rather than candles; Shout outs were given by some of the speakers; the crowd cheered for the speakers or applauded like the event was a rally rather than a wake; and the media played the whole event up as a triumph for Obama!  Really? 

Everyone knows that Obama has talented speech writers and that he has the ability to read from a teleprompter and deliver a well sounding message, regardless of content.  But how did this become all about Obama rather than the victims of this unspeakable tragedy?

Obama failed daily since that fatal Saturday by not stepping forward as a leader of this nation and silencing the media frenzy over blaming everyone in the Right rather than Jared Loughner.  Worse yet, Obama praised the efforts of Sheriff Dupnik rather than telling the good Sheriff to do his job as a law enforcement officer rather than as a political hack.  Obama failed in the orchestration of the entire Memorial Event by allowing the service to become a rally and an event centered around him.  If you don’t think the White House approved every aspect of this event you do not understand these kinds of events.  The locals take their cue from the White House including the list of speakers and attendees.  There were a couple of really awful dances choreographed at this event:

  1. What was the Native American guy doing at this event?  I thought maybe he got his dates mixed up.
  2. Having Janet Napolitano on stage at all let alone speak was a slap in the face to the current Governor Jan Brewer.  First of all, Nappy has not done anything to help with Arizona’s border problems; she condones the lawsuit Obama filed against her own state (she was governor of Arizona before joining the Obama Administration); and Homeland Security did not have any role in this tragedy as it was a local law enforcement problem and not a threat to national security.
  3. The attendees at the event were shown on camera laughing, joking around with each other, and generally disrespecting the focus of the event.  These people should have known better and shown personal restraint but the White House and the locals should have sought to control the demeanor in the auditorium.  If I were a family member or an attending victim, I would have been appalled.

According to the Washington Elite on both sides of the aisle as well as the rest of the mainstream media, the “Memorial” was a huge success for Obama.  What about the victims and their families?  For those who do not know who the people were that were killed at the event, they were; Christina-Taylor Green, Dorothy Morris, Judge John Roll, Gabe Zimmerman, Dorwin Stoddard and Phyllis Schneck.  It is not too late to remember these who have fallen as well as those who are still fighting to regain their lives.

Is this the America you grew up in?

RD Pierini


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