The Irony of the Left’s Position on Freedom of Speech

Jared Loughner’s actions last Saturday, when he killed 6 people and wounded several others including a Congresswoman at a Safeway Store in Tuscon, was an acting out his own perverted version of his Freedom of SpeechRather than words, he used bullets.  His actions are the antithesis of the rights guaranteed to us all in our Constitution.  But the Left somehow sees Jared as a victim of the Right rather than as the average, ordinary, demented serial killer he is.  They do not condemn his actions as an act the he perpetrated and carried out on his own.  Rather, they oddly seem to forgive his perverted expression of free speech but turn on those on the Right and seek to deny the Rights free access to free speech.  While overlooking the actions of a demented soul, they seek to politicize any comment ever made by the Right that included any metaphor the Left deamed to be inappropriate.  Worse yet, the Left seeks to turn their feigned outrage into political action by forcing more gun control, dusting off the “Fairness Doctrine”, and impuning the character of those like Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and others.

Obama delivered a speech in Tuscon last night that made him sound like the great healer.  We will see what rhetoric continues to come out of the White House, the Left, and the Left’s mainstream media in the days to come.  If Obama continues to allow the Left and the mainstream media to play the blame game and exploit this tragic event to further his own agenda for gun control and limiting true freedom of speech, then we will know that Obama is also a supporter of the perversion of our rights to free of speech and our right to bear arms.

RD Pierini


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