We Have to Start Controlling the Message – The Climate Change Fiasco

Global Warming Shovels


We need to tell the Climate Change crowd to get out of our face and out of our wallets.  Gas prices may soon breach the $4.00 mark and may break through the $5.00 mark by 2012 according to the Ex-CEO of Shell Oil, John Hofmeister.  We need to re-establish a sound energy policy that uses the resources we have in abundance and turn this economy loose and get this country back on track, NOW!  Obama will destroy all of our past gains and drive us into economic oblivion if let unchecked.  He is a green ideologue coupled with his Progressive ideology that sees Western Civilization as an evil force that has been set forth against the world. 

So, when you hear a Senator, a Congressman, the President, a cabinet member or anyone else in a position of power trying to shove climate change down your throat, stand up and say ENOUGH!  These people see you as an endless supply of capital that they can use to shape the world to their liking.  Maybe they should all go to New York City and help them shovel some of their global warming off of the streets so that city can get back to work again…

Just say – ENOUGH!

RD Pierini



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