4.5 Million Taxpayers Pay 60% of the Income Taxes–44 Million Pay Zero

Who is Greedy--A Taxpayer?--Or Obama?

Obama preaches class warfare against the “rich” every single day but the reality is that if it weren’t for the “Rich”, there would be no government.  HMMM, maybe there is a thought there… 

There are roughly 310,000,000 people in the US today.  This means that 1 person out of 70 persons is paying 60% of the federal income taxes.  Conversely, 69 persons out of 70 pay NOTHING. 

Granted, some of these are children but this is a heavy load for the ONE PERSON! 

How would you like to support 69 dependents!  Congratulations, if you are in the top 5% of earners, you already do support 69 other persons. 

You may think that only the “Rich” are in the top 5%.  Here is a flash.  In 2005, those in the top 5% included anyone with an adjusted gross income on their tax return of $145,285!  If you live in California, New York, Florida, or other high cost of living states, $145,000 AGI is the bare minimum to survive for a family of 4.  Remember, this includes those who are married and filing jointly!  So how many more people can the “Rich” afford to support?  That is the $64,000 question.  OOPS, if you double the $64,000 you would almost be in the “Rich” category and in the top 5% of the taxpayers.

So what is all this rhetoric about regarding the “Rich” not paying their fair share…?  How much is fair?  Too often the term “Rich” conjures up an image of Bill Gates of Microsoft or Warren Buffet.  The bottom line is that when you are “Rich” like Gates and Buffet, you have set up trusts and other vehicles to shelter your wealth and you probably pay very little in personal income tax and have most of your personal expenses paid for by the trusts etc..  But at $145,000 AGI being rich, you just snagged almost every small business owner in the US.  You also hear about the need to protect the middle class.  You can bet that if you are in a family of 4 who has an AGI of $145,000, you rightly believe you are in the middle class.  If you live in California, New York or one of the other high cost of living states, you think you are middle class if your AGI is $300,000. 

Class warfare is one of the Quintessential tools of the Progressive Left and Obama is a Quintessential Student of Progressive tactics.  Unfortunately he has the gift of being a superb Pied Piper and people follow his voice, rather than his actions or his beliefs.  Historically this type of leader has caused the ruination of countless of civilizations and their citizenry.  While this type of leader is devoted to his or her beliefs, the belief structure is unsustainable economically and stifles individual freedoms.  Ultimately this belief structure can only be maintained by coercion or force and this is the crux of the problem.  Individual freedoms and individual private property has to become controlled by the Statist.  The Statist need to feed off of the fruits of others as it has no means of self-support.  Here comes the tax man.  By placating the masses, those not contributing to the tax rolls, through the demonizing of the “Rich”, the “Rich” have nowhere to turn as they are perceived as the PROBLEM, and not the Statist’s policies…

Solution:  Quit feeding the Beast!  You have to cut off the supply of blood (money) to the beast before it devours our nation. 

  • Set the limit on total income tax revenue for the federal government at 17% of GDP.  PERIOD!
  • Set the personal income tax limit at 17-20% and have everyone pay at least 10% income tax.  If a VAT is added, then the income tax is reduced and the total tax revenues are still subject to the same 17% of GDP limit!

Solution:  What is good for the Goose, is good for the Gander.

  • ALL laws passed by Congress shall apply to Congress and the rest of the Federal Government, no exceptions.
  • Federal, State and Local employees MUST contribute to Social Security like everyone else.
  • The Federal, State and Local Public Employment Retirement System must follow the same laws as 401K’s and other private sector retirement systems.

Solution:  Executive Orders and all Executive Department Regulations must be limited to the execution of legislation duly passed by Congress and subject to the review, revision or elimination by Congress.

  • Sound too logical?  Not Really!  Obama has passed his own laws regarding Cap and Trade, Immigration, Net Neutrality, Drilling Moratorium, etc. without regard for Congress or the US Constitution.
  • Obama has even ignored court injunctions and enacted regulations or executive orders that are contrary to the court order.

Solution:  Term Limits:

  • Senators would be restricted to two terms or 12 years and House Members would be limited to 5 terms or 10 years.
  • Change the Fed so that the Chairman is limited to two 4 year terms and must be approved by both houses of Congress.  The chairman could be subject to recall by either a vote of congress or by a vote of no confidence by the Fed Board of Governors.

In short, if you are trying to combat someone or something that has no regard for the rule of law, you have to level the playing field.  Money is the first step because without money to buy off constituents and fellow power brokers, their power base is diminished significantly.  Without being able to suck the lifeblood out of the private sector, in the form of money and other forms of personal property, then the private sector can remain strong against a stronger adversary.  Today, we are very weak in being able to defend against the encroachment of this federal government. 

For those who have listened to the class warfare and believed that the “Rich” should pay more, be careful.  Eventually there will be no more “Rich” and they will come after everything you have.  You will become a full ward of the state which is just a form of legalized slavery!  If you don’t believe it, check out the history of Egypt after Abdul Nasser took over; Germany after the rise of Hitler; Italy after Mussolini took over; China after Chairman Mao; Venezuela after Chavez; Cuba after Castro,  and the list goes on and on.  We are close to the edge and as long as we keep feeding the beast, the beast will grow and devour everything in its path…

Thomas Jefferson said, “Never trouble another for what you can do for yourself”  This is especially true if the “another” is the government.  He also said, “We in America do not have government by the majority. We have government by the majority who participate”.  Get involved and don’t sit this one out or you may find you no longer have a seat at the table…

RD Pierini

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