The True Obama-Use then Dispose (Taxpayers)

For those who think that Obama is the great compromiser should listen to what the insider Valerie Jarrett, the senior adviser to President Barack Obama, said today that the administration will work over the next two years to end tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans that were included in broader tax legislation passed this month.  He did not compromise at all.  He set the debate for 2012 and set up the republicans for failure both now and in 2012.  He will crusade as the savior of the masses by isolating the “rich” and telling the masses that it was the “rich” who caused and are still causing all of the masses’ problems.  he knew full well that just keeping tax rates at their current levels and not lowering them even further was not stimulative.  He knew that he can keep the economy struggling for another two years so he can BLAME THE BUSH TAX CUTS THAT HE MAGNANIMOUSLY AGREED TO BECAUSE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE SPOKE ON NOVEMBER 3RD, 2010.  BUT NOW, (2012), HE WILL SAVE US FROM OURSELVES AND RAISE THE TAXES ON THE “RICH” LIKE HE SHOULD HAVE IN 2010. 

The speech will sound something like:

“I knew in 2010 that the Bush tax cuts should have been repealed and that we should have taxed those who take the most from this great nation (the rich).  But, the American People (dummies) spoke in 2010 and I listened to them (dummies) rather than follow my own superior intellect and knowledge.  I will not err again that way and will lead you out of this recession by applying what I know to be true and know what you are asking for.  Me!”   Your Supreme Leader, B.O.

Mitch McConnell and the rest of the Republicans who swallowed the crap that Obama dished out to them during their back room negotiations will NOT be the big losers, WE WILL, AGAIN!  Obama has the media in lock step and he has now set up the Republican Party in a lose-lose position in 2012.  There is nothing in this economy that will cause it to rebound by 2012 so we will muddle around in a Carter Like Malaise and Obama will put the blame on the “Rich” and the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts, sorry, the Obama Tax Cuts.  He will rail about Wall Street while his Secretary of the Treasury and the head of the Federal Reserve continue to bail them out either through the purchase of their bonds at zero interest; buying securities that increase the profits of the Wall Street firms; or continued manipulation of the international currency markets using cute phrases like Quantitative Easing. 

I hope McConnell gets a wake up call from the newly elected Representatives and Senators and stops the old worn out “Business as Usual” approach.  If not, we may not wait until 2012 to start recalls against RINO Republicans.  The back room deal was a front so the media could tout Obama’s big move to the center while his EPA, Department of Interior, and the Federal Communications Commission and other rogue agencies were creating their own version of CAP AND TRADE;  further restricting our ability to use our own natural resources by forbidding drilling on Federally Owned Lands; and taking over control of the Internet.  Who owns Federally Owned Lands?  Obama, I don’t thinks so!  At the same time, Obama, Pelosi and Reid were shoving more crap and deficits down OUR throats in the Lame Duck Congress while McConnell played his fiddle while “Rome Burned” (our tax dollars)!  Included in the McConnell orchestra was Karl Rove, Krauthammer and other Washington elite who were singing the praises of working together, compromising, and generally laying down and playing dead for Obama-Reid-Pelosi. 

I hope the Junior Senator from Kentucky (Rand Paul) can talk some sense into the Senior Kentucky Senator’s head (Mitch McConnell) on January 3rd.  If not, the 112th Congress will go down as the biggest disappointment to the American Electorate since 1776. 

Had enough yet?

RD Pierini


One thought on “The True Obama-Use then Dispose (Taxpayers)”

  1. The Republicans are punching bags for the libs in Congress. Why in the world are they compromising, didn’t they just give the Dems an ass whoopin’, you wouldn’t know it by the way they are getting pushed around like the punching bags they are. republicans ought to be going for the KO punch instead acting like they won a split decision with these two bit liars. IUntil we get a firebrand candidate who everyone can jump on board these backroom deals will continue that always manage bo portray Republicans as greedy and uncaring when the opposite is really true..

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