Obama-“Jobs are my #1 Priority”–REALLY?

At Least Pinocchio had an Excuse


“I won’t rest until I get this economy back on track”, or some such nonsense has been repeated over and over by our illustrious President.  Really!  Vacations aside, Obama had control over the 111th Lame Duck Congress and what did he do to help this economy?   


  • He blessed the Bush Tax Cuts–Sorry, that is maintaining status quo.  No points here.

  • He cut the employee portion of social security taxes by 2%–Sorry, employers are not going to hire more people because their current employees got a tax break.  While the 2% will be welcomed by employees, $3.50+/gallon gasoline will more than eat up their 2%.
  • He waved his magic wand and had the EPA create Cap and Trade–Now here is a job creator.  Maybe for his fat friends on Wall Street who can create a whole new set of derivatives selling Gore Bucks also known as carbon credits.  This will increase energy costs artificially and drive even more business out of the US to foreign countries.  (he will blame business for this)
  • He waved his magic wand and will Force Private Insurance Companies to kneel before him and kiss his ring if they need to raise premiums more than 10% in spite of Obamacare mandating increased coverages.  This is step one to drive the private carriers out of the business so he can wave his wand again and create a true government-run health care system.  This will undoubtedly create jobs by eliminating an entire industry!  While, increasing the cost of employment for every business in the US.
  • He waved his wand again and had his Department of the Interior via its Bureau of Land Management will now restrict any oil or gas drilling on federal lands.  Now here is a job creator!  Oh, and what a great boost to our domestic oil production!
  • He has also dictated that we shalt not drill anywhere in the US for 7.5 years in spite of  Judge’s ruling that is prior 6 month moratorium was not legal.  This will undoubtedly create jobs, in Brazil or Southeast Asia!  It will also lower our dependence on expensive foreign oil—NOT! 
  • His wand was even busy over at the Federal Communications Commission that will henceforth be know as the Federal UnCommunications Commission.  (I won’t use the new acronym but it is appropriate!)  This group ignored the wishes of Congress and the court and created their won Net Neutrality regulations.  If you work for Google, (a big contributor to Obama), you may see more employment.  But, if you work for AT&T or Comcast, you may see some reductions in labor to make up for the increased infrastructure costs to make sure Google and Apple have all of the bandwidth they need.  Next on this group’s agenda is controlling TV and Radio content, i.e. do away with conservative talk radio.  These moves will certainly create jobs somewhere?  Maybe in Canada where the EIB network can start-up a new company to broadcast across the border in an “American Free Radio” type of venue… 
  • You can dig, scratch, scrape or burrow and you will not find one ounce of energy used by this President to create jobs and move this economy forward.  Why? It is his (progressive) agenda to further degrade this economy and this country until we are literally toppled from our position of global leadership.  Whether it be Unilateral Disarmament; talking our country down to foreign audiences; making our borders less and less secure; devaluing our currency to the point of folly; driving the private sector abroad through regulation, unfettered lawsuits, Obamacare, and any other means to make US businesses uncompetitive;  Obama will stop at nothing to achieve the Progressive Dream of a world devoid of the evils of Western Civilization.  Obama will bypass all of our Constitutional safeguards to achieve his goals while his opposition whines and files a few lawsuits here and there or the Congressional Opposition passes laws to restrict Obama’s unlawful actions that he will choose to ignore. There are two ironies in today’s news.  One, today it was reported that Hugo Chavez, the dictator in Venezuela, is asserted more dictatorial power and bypassing his parliament and ruling by decree.  Obama has been doing that for 2 years using “Executive Orders”.  Two, Obama was named today in a USA Today-Gallup poll as the MOST ADMIRED MAN IN AMERICA!  You have got to be kidding!  HE DOESN’T EVEN LIKE AMERICA, at least the way it was envisioned by our Founders and the way it is defined in the Constitution that he finds “flawed”. Well, the next time you hear Obama assert that Jobs and the Economy are his #1 priority, stop and observe his actions.  Obama is incorrigible when it comes to saying one thing and doing another.  He is the ultimate dangerous politician that can make you feel good about being shafted.  Or making you hate someone else because they are different from you.  He is adept at playing identity politics and dividing us against one another.  He is not out to help the Blacks, Hispanics, or any other group unless it helps his own cause.  Take a look at the unemployment statistics for Blacks.  Obama has done nothing to help the Blacks or anyone else when it comes to unemployment.  The ultimate hypocrisy for me was watching him make a speech on the greatness of the new Financial Reform bill that was a sham at best and demonizing “Wall Street”.  Then, a few hours later he was smoozing at a fund-raising event with those same “Wall Street” fat cats! If we do not wake up soon, we will wake up in 2012 to four more years of this dictatorship.  Hugo Chavez was envious of Obama when Obama nationalized General Motors and Chrysler.  I imagine Chavez is truly in awe of Obama and what Obama has been able to do to socialize this once great country… 


    RD Pierini 


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