Obama Takes Over Breastfeeding!

You should feel safe now, Obama has issued a memo to the Office Of Personnel to draft a memo on Breastfeeding in the federal workplace.  YOU WILL GET GUIDELINES ON BREASTFEEDING IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR WORKPLACE FROM OBAMA AS PART OF OBAMACARE.  THIS WAS MANDATED IN OBAMACARE BUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WAS NOT INCLUDED, AS USUAL. Do you think the government is a bit overreaching yet?

At the same time, he is ramming through the START treaty that will basically start to dismantle our nuclear arsenal and START to eliminate our Missile Defense System, now that we have it working pretty well.  So, Obama is going to tell everyone how, when and where to breastfeed but you will be blown up anyway due our unilateral disarmament and the tearing down of our defense systems.

Great Job Mr. President.  Thank you for caring so much for us…

RD Pierini


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