Obama Moves to the Right? No! It is Bait n Switch All over Again

The moronic mainstream media is swooning over Obama’s ability to reach across the aisle and offer an olive branch to those undeserving Republicans in order to save the poor and the middle class from higher taxes.  They opine that Obama had to forego his “all-knowing-wisdom” on why it is good to tax the “rich” and give to the poor in order to protect those who are trampled down in our society by the rich elite.  The progressive left feigns outrage at Obama at his apparent abandonment of their collective cause with expletives, juvenile outbursts, then finally winks of assent!  Don’t buy into this charade like Mitch McConnell did along with many others in Congress and in the Republican Elite.  This was all a head fake to set up the cramming of progressive, left-wing legislation through the Lame Duck Congress and freeze the public relations against Republicans if they opposed this agenda.  


The US Version of the Tri-Lateral Commission:

Obama, Reid and Pelosi form one of the most evil and single focused “Intra-Tri-Lateral” progressive teams that has ever been foisted onto this nation.  One will play the good guy so the others can perform and end around and achieve their collective sick goals.  The irony is that we had a chance to rid this country of the infestation of Reid and Pelosi on November 3rd but we voted them back into office.  Reid’s re-election was primarily due to infighting between the Republican Party and the Tea party.  One can only hope that the Republican Party and the Washington Elite of the Republican Party have learned their lesson but I am not optimistic.  Just keep listening to and reading the opinions of the Republican Elitists such as  Krauthammer, Rove, and Noonan and you won’t see any real change in their collective attitudes. 

This Tri-Lateral group has been able to completely ignore and usurp the last election and shove all of this down our throats:

  • Extending the Bush Tax Cuts:  Obama took the public heat over “reaching out” to extend the Bush Tax Cuts.  He controlled the agenda and out slicked the Republicans into accepting a two-year extension.  Why two years?  Tax law is never permanent but we could have at least removed the 2012 Renewal of the Bush Tax Cuts from the political landscape and allowed business to at least think someone cared about the long-term viability of this economy.  We should have held out for a permanent extension; a rollback of the limitations on mortgage interest deductions that were put in place in 2006; and an even lower rate for capital gains taxes.
  • Payroll Tax Holiday”:  What a farce this is.   Obama sold Mitch McConnell (Obama thinks his name is “Mike”) on reducing the employee only reduction portion of social security taxes (FICA) from 6.4% down to 4/4%.  WHAT ABOUT THE EMPLOYER MATCHING CONTRIBUTION OF 6.4%?  OR THE FICA TAX ON THE SELF-EMPLOYEED WHICH IS 12.8%?  ARE WE TRYING TO CREATE JOBS OR NOT!  OBVIOUSLY NOT.  We did not do one thing with the $7 Billion giveaway to create jobs by lowering employer payroll costs.  Instead, we allowed Obama to buy off a bunch if voters with a “gift”, while not offsetting one dime of this “cost” to the social security fund which is already in the red, AND, did nothing to create jobs.  BRILLIANT!
  • START Treaty:  Most Americans don’t think much about our nuclear arsenal and what it means to the rest of the world and ultimately to our own survival.  Obama has chosen to cram this Treaty down our throats at a time when we are focused on the Bush Tax Cuts, high unemployment, a disastrous economy, and Christmas.  This is purely intentional as he know that this treaty will make the US much less safe in a world that is becoming increasingly more unstable every day.  Since before Jimmy Carter, the progressives have pushed to weaken the US militarily to achieve “World Military Parity” and eliminate our military superiority around the globe.  They think that our superiority is an act of aggression and is what is causing all of the turmoil on this planet.  They completely ignore history and the concept of power vacuums.  Obama is committed to this ideology and will do everything in his power to weaken the US militarily, economically, and socially to achieve this “global parity”.  The PROBLEM WITH THIS TREATY is that it vastly weakens our ability to continue the development of our MISSILE DEFENSE system.  Why would we even consider weakening a defensive system?  Because it make us more vulnerable to attack and intimidation which is the goal of the Progressive left.  Anyone remember the Cuban Missile Crisis?  While Obama was quietly sliding this treaty through the Senate, who has to ratify all treaties per the Constitution, Russia signed an agreement with Hugo Chavez to provide Venezuela with 1,600 Missiles!  Gee, do you think Russia thinks we are going to abandon our missile defense system?  Do you think Russia may be setting us up for intimidation similar to what we were subjected to during the cold war?  If Obama cannot get this treaty passed, he will cut the funding UNILATERALLY for our missile defense system and achieve the same goal.  He does not care about the Constitution when it comes to his agenda.
  • Weakened Boarder Security:  The big three quietly ushered a vast land grab that will provide an “environmental” buffer along the border states that will make it harder for the Border Patrol to patrol the border unless Ken Salazar at the Department of Interior gives the Border Patrol a permission slip.  This is already in place along the Canadian Border where the Border Patrol has to ask permission from the Department of Interior to take their SUVs onto the protected border belt!  While they were at it, they included a land grab in Oregon that will eliminate more of their timber industry at a time WHEN JOBS ARE SCARCE!  You really think they care about jobs?
  • “2010 Budget”:  Congress is REQUIRED to pass a budget prior to the beginning of the Government’s fiscal year that started in October, 2010.  The big three ignored this law, like so many others, and ignored the budget until it is now a matter of national security; babies will not be born; the sun will cease to shine; the seas will rise, and so on.  They DID NOT WANT THE INFLATED BUDGET TO BE A PART OF THE ELECTION DISCUSSION ON NOVEMBER 3RD SO THEY IGNORED THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENHANCE THEIR POLITICAL CHANCES.   Their ultimate goal was to blow up the deficit even more before the new Congress can come in and make the hard cuts to the budget we have to make to survive and get the economy back on track.  They also funded Obamacare for 2011 so the new Congress could not interfere with the big three’s #1 pride and joy.  They also included over 6,000 earmarks and other forms of wasteful spending without any tax cuts to help heal this economy.

There are many more hard progressive left agenda items that are being shoved through Congress at this time in order to foil the impacts of the last election.  There is another blog altogether waiting to be written on the executive orders Obama is using to further this agenda via FIAT such as a back room Cap and Trade enactment; further illegal immigration amnesty programs; eliminating internet freedom of speech; eliminating talk radio freedom of speech and so on.  If you are a freedom loving, capitalist, this is a dangerous time for us.  We are literally at the tipping point of no return to regain our Sovereignty.  Once it is gone, there is no going back. 

RD Pierini


2 thoughts on “Obama Moves to the Right? No! It is Bait n Switch All over Again”

    1. Thanks for the list of the commission members. It is too bad no one really understands the power and the related power that goes with this group. They make or break leaders and countries and no one even knows why.

      Thanks for following…

      RD Pierini

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